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Bodrum-Gokova Yacht Cruises offer a luxurious way to explore the Turkish coastline aboard traditional Turkish yachts known as gulets. These unique wooden vessels offer an extraordinary cruise unlike any other, into the heart of the Bodrum Peninsula. The Gulf of Gokova offers a wonderful climate with warm weather every day of the year.

Bodrum-Gokova Yacht Cruises Fleet

Turkish yacht known as Gulet

Numerous companies offer yacht cruises to this spectacular region of Turkey.

Yacht Size

Gulets vary greatly in size, ranging from small old sailing ships of about 50 feet in length, to large yachts with a length of about 110 feet. As a rule, the larger the vessel the more luxurious and comfortable is the ambience. The wooden vessels have a raised bow, a flat broad stern, along with a secondary mast aft and main foremast. The broad beam provides an ample amount of deck space, ideal for sunbathing, and it offers room for spacious cabins beneath the deck.

Departure Ports

The cruises usually depart from Bodrum, Turkey. Bodrum is the most popular Turkish vacation destination, and the premier departure port for the gulet cruises, also known as blue cruises. Bodrum is a festive resort town with an explosive nightlife and a very peaceful atmosphere with exceptional natural beauty.


The décor of the gulets aesthetically merges an elegant antique ambience with a beautiful mix of modern comforts and amenities. Fixtures and furnishings are much the same as they were on the original gulets, with materials including stainless steel, polished brass, rich mahogany, and pine. The sails and the historic feel of the vessels is what separate these magnificent yacht cruises from the more modern cruise ships of the Americas. These traditional yachts offer luxury cruises while keeping in touch with the rich historic heritage of this fabulous region.

Cruise Itineraries

Cruise itineraries vary depending on the length of the cruise. A typical eight-day yacht cruise is as follows.

  • Day 1: Board the vessel in Bodrum.
  • Day 2: Cruise southward to Kara Island. Swim and enjoy the hot springs and rocky shorelines on Kara Island. In the afternoon, arrive at Cati for dinner.
  • Day 3: Depart for Yedi Adalari. Enjoy the beautiful forest of amber trees.
  • Day 4: Cruise to Longoz Bay, and the small village of Karacasogut.
  • Day 5: Cruise to Sedir Adasi, also known as Cleopatra Island. The sand on Cleopatra Beach is believed to have been brought from Africa especially for Cleopatra.
  • Day 6: Cruise to Akbuk and Cokertme Bay.
  • Day 7: Return to Bodrum, stopping at Orak Island along the way.
  • Day 8: Enjoy breakfast in Bodrum and disembark.

Cruise Activities

  • Swimming
  • Diving
  • Sunbathing
  • Windsurfing
  • Fishing
  • Enjoying scenic beaches
  • Dolphin and whale watching
  • Visiting ancient archaeological sites
  • Experiencing the local indigenous culture in small fishing villages

Disadvantages of Gulets

  • Gulets generally travel slower than normal yachts, at a speed of about eight to ten knots. So itinerary options and overall cruise distance is limited.
  • Gulet cruises are more expensive than chartering a normal yacht.
  • Gulets hardly ever actually sail, so practicing sailing is rarely an option, as the motor controls almost everything. This is not the cruise to learn sailing terminology or boating terms.
  • An onboard generator causes noises and releases fumes.

Bodrum Gokova Gulet Cruises Summary

Gulets are very luxurious sailing vessels that offer air conditioning, spacious mahogany interiors, spacious teak decks, and a very large kitchen or galley. A private master cabin provides a bathroom with shower. Most gulets provide comfortable accommodations for 8 to 16 guests. Bodrum-Gokova yacht cruises allow passengers to experience many extraordinary harbors that are too secluded for larger Mediterranean cruises. A crew of at least three people will be onboard, including captain, deckhand, and chef. Gulets allow visitors to experience the majesty of this fabulous Turkish coastline aboard indigenous traditional yachts, which provide a unique and unprecedented cruising experience.