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What Is the Biggest Boat in the World?

What is the biggest boat in the world? That honor goes to the oil supertanker the Knock Nevis. Read on for more information about this boat and other big boats that are the biggest in the world of their kind.

What Is the Biggest Boat in the World

Originally named the Seawise Giant, the Knock Nevis was also called the Happy Giant, the Jahre Viking, and, lastly, the MV Mont. She was built in 1979 by Sumimoto Heavy Industries and is 458.45 meters long and 68.8 meters wide. The MV Mont's gross tonnage is 260,941 tons.

Since the Knock Nevis was the answer to the question “What is the biggest boat in the world?” she was also unable to go through the Suez Canal, the Panama Canal, or the English Channel. This ship could go 16 knots and was powered by steam propulsion. Her last use was as a floating storage and offloading unit in the Persian Gulf. Her owners stopped using her in 2009, intending to demolish her.

The Biggest Cruise Ship in the World

Royal Caribbean has been building the largest cruise ships for a while. Currently, the biggest cruise ships are the Oasis of the Seas and the Allure of the Seas. They are the two ships in the Oasis Class of cruise ships and are 360 meters (1181 feet) long. They can accommodate over 5,000 people and have 16 passenger decks. There are plenty of things to do on the Allure, including a carousel, pool, solarium, Central Park, and an amphitheatre. The Oasis has a Central Park neighborhood plus a boardwalk neighborhood, pool and sports zone with rock-climbing walls, basketball courts, and more.

The second biggest cruise ships in the Royal Caribbean line are the Freedom class cruise ships: Freedom of the Seas, Liberty of the Seas, and Independence of the Seas. Independence of the Seas, the newest of the three, has an interactive water park, sports pool, promenade - an international shopping street, a theater that seats 1,200, and a conference center. There is also an ice skating rink, a sports deck, and heated pools.

The Biggest Military Ship in the World

Now you can answer the question “What is the biggest boat in the world?” and you know about the biggest cruise ships, but what about other big boats? The biggest military ship in the world is the USS Enterprise, operated by the United States Navy. She is also the world’s first nuclear powered aircraft carrier and is 342 meters long.

She started her service during the Cuban Missile Crisis and is still serving today. She served in World War II and the Vietnam War as well as in the Adriatic Sea, Persian Gulf, and Iraq. She has been scheduled to be retired in 2013 and, at that time, will be the longest running ship in history with 51 years. She was the most decorated ship of World War II.

Other Biggest Boats in the World

In 2010, the biggest yacht in the world was launched. She is named the Eclipse and is 557 feet or 170 meters long. The owner is Roman Abramovich, the designer was Terence Disdale, and the builder was Blohm + Voss in Hamburg, Germany. She has diesel propulsion, can cruise at 22 knots, and her top speed is 25 knots.

In the future, the biggest ocean-going vessel would have to be the Freedom Ship. There are plans to build this mammoth ship at 4,500 feet long, 350 feet high, and 750 feet wide. It will be a floating community on water where people can retire, work, or vacation. It will circle the world, ferrying residents to shore. There will also be an airport for small private and commercial planes to land and take-off. Some of its features may include schools, hospitals, shops, casinos, libraries, banks, and recreational and athletic facilities.