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Yacht Transport

Having a reliable yacht transport company is necessary for almost every yachter at one point or another. After all, if you’re not going to be living on the yacht or sailing between the world’s best cruising playgrounds, you will need to find some way to safely transport your yacht between destinations. There are many companies that provide yacht transport. These professionals will take care of all the logistics and specific services you need to ensure your yacht is well taken care of. Having your yacht delivered in a timely and professional manner is always a priority. Even though it may sound great to transport your own yacht from one location to the next, you must take into account the gas costs, engine hours, and the repairs and routine maintenance that inevitably arises from a great deal of time out on the water. Not to mention the dangerous conditions and storms that exist in many of the oceans.

How Yacht Transportation Companies Operate

Yacht Transport

Transporting yachts between various locations is not as easy as it may seem. After all, it’s usually not possible to simply tow a luxury yacht in the back of a pickup truck. However, many professional companies specialize in yacht transport, and they know the best methods and take great care to make sure everything goes smoothly.

The simplest way to move a yacht from one ocean to another is transporting the yacht by freighter boat. Transport vessels are specially designed to carry yachts in a safe and expeditious manner. Many companies also focus on driving boats between locations. Of course, it all depends on how far you plan to move your yacht.

Yacht Transport Companies

Yacht Path International
Yacht Path International offers transport of yachts up to 250 metric tons and serves destinations all around the world. The company has transported more than 600 yachts, priding itself on serving the customer by following rigorous equipment checks and taking care of every detail.

American Yacht Transport
American Yacht Transport specializes in moving large yachts from coast to coast in 48 states. The company is based out of Pompano Beach, Florida, and has an experienced staff with the ability to transport yachts safely and quickly across country. They are able to make special accommodations to coordinate any specific needs you may have and all drivers are familiar with boating education and boating terms.

Murphy Yacht Transport
Murphy Yacht Transport offers very good rates and provides great service and prompt delivery. This family owned business has over 20 years of experience shipping yachts and other boats. With service throughout the United States and Canada, the company prides itself in a wonderful delivery record. Yachts up to 52 feet in length can be hauled by the company, with specialized trailers to deliver yachts and lund boats up to 30 feet in length anywhere throughout the 48 United States.

Able Boat Transport
Able Boat Transport has over 18 years in the shipping industry. Gigi Bell is the owner and an avid boater herself. She has been running the company since 2000 and is able to accommodate any specific needs your boat may have. They emphasize oversized boats and are able to deliver yachts up to 65 feet in length. Able Boat Transport ships across Canada, Mexico, and the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii.

Sevenstar is one of the premier transport companies, offering service aboard secure carrier ships. The company is based in Holland and offers service to anywhere in the world. With access to over 100 independent carriers, Sevenstar offers a wide variety of choices to meet the specific needs of your boat.


In recent years, yacht transport has grown into a very large industry. Many companies specialize in efficiently moving your yacht safely and quickly. The decision depends on many factors, including the size of the boat and delivery destination. The two methods of transportations include cargo ships specially designed to carry yachts, and trucks to carry the boats safely and professionally.