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If you are thinking about buying a boat, you might want to look into aluminum canoes. An aluminum canoe can be a great investment, and can provide you with hours of relaxation, and enjoyment for the whole family. Yet, if you are new to the boating industry, shopping for a boat can be a bit overwhelming. Thus, what advantages do aluminum canoes have, and what should you look for when you buy one?

Aluminum Canoes

Definition of a Typical Canoe

A canoe is a smaller boat, and it is narrower than other small boats. A typical canoe is usually made from either wood, or aluminum. Sometimes canoes are constructed for polyethylene or royalex as well. The aluminum canoes are considered by some to be more durable and steady than a wood canoe. Furthermore, wood canoes are usually more expensive than canoes made out of other materials.

A canoe usually has a couple of benches inside for individuals to sit on. The majority of canoes are human powered, which means that they don’t come with motors. Rather, you can move your canoe through the water using paddles or oars.

Type of Waters and Activities for Aluminum Canoes

The typical canoes are best for calmer waters. For example, a canoe is a great choice if you want to use it in a smaller lake, pond, or river. Generally, you shouldn’t use typical aluminum style canoes in rougher waters, or in the ocean.

Canoes can be used for ideally drifting through the water, for fishing, or even for exercise. The paddling that is required for most canoes is a great way to strengthen your upper body, burn calories, and have fun when you’re doing it!

However, it should be noted, that there are a variety of different types of aluminum style canoes. If you plan to use your canoe in rougher waters, then you should purchase a white water rafting aluminum canoe, which they sell. This is a question that you should ask yourself when you are buying your canoe because you cannot take the typical canoe into white water rapids.

Tips for Buying an Aluminum Canoe

As stated, you need to evaluate the desired purpose for the aluminum canoe. This will help you narrow down the type of canoe. Consult your family, and see if you are going to use the canoe for the typical gentle drifting in a lake, or if you want to purchase a more specialized aluminum canoe.

You also need to evaluate how many people will use the canoe. Are you planning on using it yourself, or does your whole family want to use it as well? If you are planning on having three or four individuals in the canoe at the same time, then you need a canoe that is sturdy and large enough to hold everyone.

However, if you are planning on having four or five individuals in the canoe, you should purchase a longer canoe. This will allow you to fit more people in the canoe. However, longer canoes are not ideal for rougher waters. If you do want to take your canoe into rougher seas, than you need a shorter canoe and you will not be able to fit as many people in the canoe.

You should purchase an aluminum canoe that has a rounded or a V-shaped hull, rather than a canoe with a flat hull. This is because canoes with rounded or V-shaped hulls turn better, and do not overturn as frequently than canoes that have flat hulls. Furthermore, canoes with rounded or V-shaped hulls are also easier to paddle.

Finally, you should look at the inward curve of your canoe (also known as the tumblehome). If you are riding your canoe through rough waters, you don’t want an excessively curved tumblehome. For calm waters, the more tumblehome, the easier the canoe is to paddle.