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You might think that buying aluminum fishing boats means going down to the local marina or boat lot, finding the shiniest one, and paying for it. Just as if you were buying a car or a computer, a little knowledge beforehand is helpful so you know what to look for so you aren't paying more money after you already own the boat.

Aluminum Fishing Boats

Boat Leaks

It doesn't matter what kind of boat you want or what reason you want a boat, checking the structure of the aluminum fishing boats is very important. Almost every boat has the potential to leak, so you need to make sure the aluminum is either professionally treated or the boat has been recently built and unused. That's not to say unused boats won't leak, but it's easier to have the aluminum fishing boat professional sealed if the aluminum is newly fabricated. If the boat you are looking at is a used boat, ask the seller information on when and if the boat was sealed to protect it from leaking. The seller may not know or he or she may know but be reluctant to tell you. In this case, be leery of buying the boat.

Being worried about leaks is nothing to be ashamed of since you do have another option when it comes to buying aluminum boats. Unlike wooden or fiberglass boats, aluminum boats can be welded. This creates a permanent seal that will keep the boat from leaking. However, welded aluminum boats will cost you more, but it can be worth it if worrying less helps you enjoy your fishing trips.

Test Drive

Just like test driving a car, you should also test drive the fishing boat. Feel how the boat handles. Does it glide over the water or does it jump? How does the boat feel when turning? Turning doesn't just involve the motor and steering rod, but also the underside. If there are large dents or bulges in the boat, you might notice bouncing and jumping on turns and shaky maneuvering in shallow areas.

Finding Aluminum Fishing Boats

The first location you should search for aluminum boats is in your surrounding areas. Do you live near a major waterway or popular boating or fishing spot? Maybe you live near a state park that has fishing areas. If so, you are lucky in the fact that you probably have at least one marina, if not more, near you. Start there. Marinas will have new boats or will have the ability to order new boats as well have a small selection of used boats if budget is a concern.

Most locations won't have a large-scale marina, so you may end up checking the local classifieds or auto trade magazines. Many people who sell aluminum fishing boats are either replacing a boat or are having a hard time maintaining the current boat.

There are a few web sites you can visit to find boats to purchase. Many online boat sellers won't ship, meaning you'll have to pick up the boat at the seller's location. One obvious website is eBay. If you don't mind traveling to see the boat, this auction site is probably a good bet.

At, you can search by type of boat and select areas local to you. The search brings up who is selling what and includes prices and pictures. If the seller is recognizable, you may want to shoot the seller an email telling them of your interest in a certain boat.

For specific brands like G3 or Lowe, visit their websites and use their dealer locater to find a dealer near you.

Using a fishing boat made from aluminum is one of the inexpensive ways to enjoy fishing or relaxing on the river or lake. They are easy to maintain and clean and, despite having different options on size and type, you should find one to suit your fishing style.