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Ancient sailboats are often an interest amongst those that enjoy the construction of old boats. You can find a number of resources geared towards very ancient boats, as there are a number of reasons why you would be interested in finding out more information about boats from past eras.

Ancient Sailboats

Many of the older boats have so much history. There are numerous stories of shipwrecked ancient boats found at the bottom of the seas all across the world. Ancient boats are also interesting because many people think they may have treasure in them. Finally, very old sailboats are sometimes made into collector’s items or miniature models you can spend time constructing as a hobby. These types of sailboats are sure to interest you if you are into boating and the history that surrounds it.

Ancient Sailboats

Ancient sailboats span across different cultures and civilizations. Many cultures have utilized sailboats on a frequent basis. For example, the Egyptians used sailboats for a variety of tasks. These boats were made from papyrus, which is material that comes from the Cyprus papyrus plant. After the boat itself was made, a single square sail was added to the boat. These boats were steered using two oars. The Egyptians used these sailboats for everything from funeral processions to managing livestock.

It is believed the Egyptians were one of the first to create different types of boats to be used for different purposes. The Egyptians would eventually have three types of boat. The boats would include reed rafts, wooden boats and the papyriform boat. The wooden and papyriform boats were usually made with sails, as they were often used for long journeys and important transportation.

Eventually, ships of different sizes and types were built and used by people in all different parts of the worlds, at least in part as a result of the original sailboat creations of the Egyptians.

Old Sail Boats as Relics

Much interest regarding ancient sailboats centers around the many relics and treasures that have been found on them. Numerous books and documentaries focus on ancient shipwrecked boats found at the bottom of the sea. People actually scuba dive in regions once heavy with a pirate presence in hopes to find ancient sailboats and with them long lost treasures.

Many museums across the world have dedicated portions of valuable floor space to featuring different types of shipwrecks and items uncovered after excavation. Archaeologists get great pleasure out of finding thousand-year-old sunken sailboats, as these boats provide an opportunity to discover more about history and culture. The theme of shipwrecked sailboats is so prominent that you can’t watch a movie or read a book about ancient times that involves sailing without mention of treasure in some form. If you are one of those people who enjoy uncovering information about old shipwrecks, numerous sources of information are available to you on this topic.

Model Boats

An additional reason for so much interest in old sailboats is the huge following of people who enjoy making models of popular old sailboats. There are websites and companies that focus on providing ancient boat enthusiasts with accurate, very detailed replicas of their favorite old sailboats. Such websites as ModelShipMaster specialize in making small-scale wooden replicas of some of the most popular ancient vessels and sailboats. This is perfect for you or someone you know who has a love for well-crafted model sized ancient boats. They make a perfect gift for a boat lover or they can be collected. If you are the type who enjoys boat building you may prefer to build your own ancient model boats; if so, there are also companies that sell model ships that resemble replicas of particular ancient boats that you can put together on your own.