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Bass Boat Wraps

Bass boat wraps are typically provided by boating and marine industry manufacturers to advertise their products and services during televised bass tournaments. The boat owner typically earns a fee for turning his boat into a floating billboard. Boat owners who want to customize their boats for aesthetic reasons also attach wraps to their vessels or have a professional wrap company do the installation.

Wrap Definition

A wrap is a piece of vinyl with adhesive backing that attaches to all or part of the exterior of a boat, car, truck or other vehicle. Most bass boat wraps are brightly colored, highly visible, eye-catching and include a company's logo along with vibrant images and bold lettering. Wraps are also available in solid, subtle colors for private parties who just want to protect vehicle surfaces from nicks and scratches.

Bass Boat Wrap Agreements

When the idea of bass boat wraps was first introduced around the turn of the 21st century, a few of the major bass tournament competitors made big bucks. Tales grew of anglers making hundreds of thousands of dollars by wrapping their boats in ads for marine industry leaders like Bass and Blazer. As word spread of the increased sales generated by bass boat wraps, companies from every consumer segment jumped on board and started wrapping bass boats.

Some of the non-marine related companies that have wrapped bass boats include Kellogg's, Hooters Restaurants, BF Goodrich Tires, Snickers and Fujifilm. The number of bass fishermen and women seeking boat wrap deals outweighed the demand of corporate sponsors, resulting in much lower payouts for the opportunity to cover a boat with flashy names and logos. As the entry requirements for the top bass tournaments become more restrictive and the pool of competitors shrink, bass boat wrap deals may increase for the elite who make the cut.

Typical Bass Boat Wrap Deal

Even in a competitive market, most professional bass tournament competitors won't agree to a wrap for less than $100,000, which would cover the general expenses incurred in a season. Many wrap deals include added payouts for rising to different levels of competition and winning specific tournaments and contests. Since the bass boat wrap field is so competitive, if an angler fails to perform well and earns no incentives, the company commonly does not renew the contract for the next season.

Deal Sweeteners

Sponsors frequently have product tie-ins peddled by the bass tournament participants to give professional bass fishermen increased income opportunities and corporate image exposure. Peripheral sales of caps, t-shirts, visors, totes and coolers with corporate names and logos on them can significantly boost their earnings and require little effort to sell as the buyers are already present at the fishing events and prime targets for impulse buying opportunities.

Wrapping It Up

You don't have to be a master bass catcher to be wrapped and paid. When you see cars and trucks on freeways and city streets covered in garish ads, many of them have no affiliation with the company they are advertising other than providing them with a mobile billboard. To qualify, you usually have to regularly travel within a prescribed, target territory and drive a late model vehicle but if you meet the criteria, it's one of the easiest jobs in the world.