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It is quite a little task to get a boat out of the water; in fact, it is seldom effected without a scraping off of the paint or a straining of the back of the lifter, which is a catastrophe not to be laughed at. Here is an easily made, permanent device, which will remove the difficulty. It is a permanent fixture, and will be equally useful for launching purposes in the spring. First set up two 4 x 4 inch posts on the dock, making them firm by bracing.

Boat Lift

Saw a block out of the top of each and in the spaces set pulleys, as in Fig. 5. We now make two frames out of 4 x 4 inch stuff, using three pieces for each and bracing each as indicated by Fig. 3. Those frames are then hinged with large, strong strap hinges to the flat pieces, which have been spiked to the dock and which extend about a foot over the edge of same. It is used by simply gliding the boat along into the pocket formed by the two frames, then attaching the ropes and pulling up slowly. The surfaces that the boat must come in contact with should be padded with large rubber hose. There is no danger of the boat falling out, because the ropes bind on the top.