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Here is an easily made article that adds to the comfort of your rowboat trip. It need hardly be said that it may also be made and attached to a canoe or any type of small boat. The first and hardest part to make is the base block shown in Fig. 3. It is fashioned out of two pieces of hard wood. If you have no small saw, you can cut it to shape with a common hand saw by exercising your stock of patience. Finish by sandpapering and giving two or three coats of oil and one of good varnish. The lower ends of the upright sticks are inserted as in Fig. 4. One of them is in the center slot and one on each side of it. A short bolt passes through the three.

Boat Shade

The joint used for fastening the upright sticks to the cross sticks on top is shown in Figs. 5 and 6. The sticks should be of seasoned ash about one-inch square. You can get them at a carriage shop or repair place, or lumber yard. The putting on of the canvas is too simple to require explanation. Simply stretch it over the top, draw it down the side a few inches, and tack it in place. The shade may be tilted in any direction or laid flat. It may also be taken off the boat quickly by unscrewing the four nuts that hold it. If you do not intend to remove it when not in use, have the nut under the seat and the head of the bolt on top instead of the opposite way, as it would be easy for some one to appropriate your shade for their own use.