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Car Top Carriers for Kayaks

Individuals who love to use their kayaks will find that car top carriers for kayaks can be very useful. Many people enjoy using their kayaks for simple boating pleasure. However, anyone who has seen a kayak is aware that it can be quite difficult to transport these types of boats.

Car Top Carriers for Kayaks

Kayaks are usually long and narrow -- they will not fit in the inside of a vehicle. Even the larger sports utility vehicles are not able to contain kayaks in the interior. For this reason, it is necessary to consider carriers that can be placed on the top of a car. Using this type of device will allow a person to transport a kayak back and forth safely and securely.

Car Top Carrier for Kayaks

There are many manufacturers that sell car top carriers for kayaks since they are useful for kayakers who want to transport their kayaks in a convenient way. Some kayakers have decided to use the traditional sports rack on their vehicle to transport their kayaks. While this is an efficient method, there are many people who are looking for a more secure method in which to carry their kayaks around.

Many of these car top carriers come in a complete set. The set will usually include a number of different pieces such as non-skid blocks, bumper hooks, a strong utility strap, block straps, and tie down straps. The set will also often come with a reusable bag that can be used to transport the carrier conveniently. Many people who use their carriers quite often simply place their carrier in the trunk of their cars.

Depending on the brand and manufacturer, these kits are available in deluxe, standard, and universal varieties. These choices offer consumers the option of selecting the carrier that provides the particular features they need for kayak transportation at the best price.

Using Carriers for Kayaks

All car top carriers for kayaks come with detailed instructions advising the user on how to properly install it. Most of the instructions are basically the same with slight variations here and there for the different style kit, ie. deluxe, standard, or universal.

To properly mount the kayak onto the carrier, tie down straps should be placed through the holes on the blocks and then strapped and buckled to the kayak. Individuals also have the option of placing additional blocks on a sports utility rack if so desired.

After the kayak is "blocked," it should be placed on the top of the vehicle with the cockpit facing upwards. You may have to reposition the blocks in order to make sure that the weight of the kayak is evenly distributed across the top of the vehicle. It is recommended that the blocks be placed as close to the front and the rear of the vehicle as possible. Likewise, it may be necessary to cover the cockpit during inclement weather.

To secure the middle of the kayak, a strap should be placed over the middle. The ends of the straps should be buckled on the inside of the car. To ensure that the front and the end of the kayak are secure, steel hooks and the tie down straps should be used to attach the kayak to the towing loop. This method should be repeated on all sides that require a security.

Purchasing Carriers for Kayaks

There are numerous places to purchase carriers for kayaks. Many car top carriers are available in local sporting goods stores and online via websites such as Riverside Car Top. When searching for a carrier that will contain a kayak, it is important to select carriers that are made from high quality materials. There are a number of different carriers available, but some of them are made from higher quality materials than others. Thus, the cheapest carrier kits for kayaks, such as those made of inexpensive plastic, may not always be the most preferred type.