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Clear Inflatable Kayak

Riding in a clear inflatable kayak may not seem like it would be fun. However, many boat sellers have models on hand because they are becoming popular for whitewater tourist destinations and for casual kayakers. The clear kayaks are no different from a regular inflatable kayak, but keep in mind if you plan on using the kayak for more than casual use, you probably want one made from other materials.

Purposes of Clear Inflatable Kayaks

One of the main reasons people buy inflatable kayaks that are clear is to enjoy their kayaking experience a little more. Since you can see into the water as you row, the beauty of the river, pond, or ocean becomes open. Sometimes, as you kayak, you might get bored of simply rowing and viewing what’s around and above you. With a clear kayak, you can add another dimension below you and look at aquatic life, whether that’s fish or plants or simply the clear water.

Types of Clear Kayaks

There are basically two types of clear inflatable kayaks. First, you can ride in a kayak with a clear bottom. This allows you to enjoy what’s below you, especially if you expect to get vertigo with the second type of clear kayak. The other type is one that is entirely clear. Essentially, the only parts that aren’t clear are the rowing eyelets and the frame, like the spot around the seat. If you think you might feel uncomfortable with whole clear kayak since you will mostly be surrounded by the outdoors, then consider the first type.

Where to Buy Clear Kayaks

Since inflatable kayaks are relatively light, many online companies carry them and offer good deals. However, if you don’t want to pay for shipping, then checking with your local marina or boat seller is a good choice. It’s possible they don’t carry clear kayaks, but they may know locations that do.

  • See Through Canoe contains both types of kayaks (clear floor and transparent.) For clear floor kayaks, they have three colors: ocean blue, red, and camouflage. The clear floors weight 21 pounds and run just a little over 10 feet in length. Two-person kayaks weigh 32 pounds and are 11 feet. The transparent clear kayak is 13 feet in length and weighs 26 pounds. The frame is made from carbon Kevlar and the hull is crafted from military grade urethane.
  • Nautical Niche carries a yellow clear bottom kayak as well as an orange one. Both are made for two people.
  • Portable Kayaks has a clear bottom two-person inflatable kayak that runs just over 11-feet-long and weighs 34 pounds. The outer shell is marine polyester while the hull is PVC mesh. The bottom is made from “viewing panels” of schedule 40 PVC, which is strong enough for you to stand on. With your purchase, you get a maintenance kit, mesh carrying bag, and two padded seats.
  • For an even more compact clear kayak, go to Oz Inflatable Kayaks. Their Adventure Clear Floor Kayak weights just a mere 14 pounds and is 10 feet in length. Unfortunately, this model comes from Australia, so if you really want this one, expect to pay a little more in shipping than you would domestically.
  • Air Kayaks has a few models available with clear floors. Their Clear Blue Hawaii model is thin and allows you to attach another perpendicular with a special rod or plank.

For offline retailers, try some of the larger chains like:

  • Play It Again Sports
  • Cabela’s
  • Dick’s Sporting Goods
  • Mc Sports
  • Bass Pro Shops

Casual or Sport

Whether you want a clear inflatable kayak for casual riding or sport, make sure you learn the basics of kayaking. There is technique in using a kayak so if you get the chance, take a few lessons before heading out on the water. You’ll enjoy it more knowing how to row, maneuver, and flip properly.