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Current Designs for Kayaks

Are you interested in purchasing a kayak and want to know a little more about the boats, such as the current designs for kayaks?

Current Designs for Kayaks

A kayak is defined as a small human powered boat. Individuals are able to power the kayak by using paddles through the water. Some individuals consider kayaks a subtype of a canoe, but this is not a universal belief. So, what should you know when you purchase a kayak and what are some of the current designs for kayaks?

Current Designs for Kayaks

The current designs for kayaks greatly improve upon some of the problems with traditional kayaks. For example, traditional kayaks frequently capsized and were somewhat dangerous. Some of the current designs for these boats have attempted to solve that problem.

Currently, a computer program called computer-aided design is used to create kayaks. The computer program designs the kayak depending upon the particular need. For example, kayaks that are designed for slow and placid water have different requirements than kayaks that are designed for whitewater.

In general, most kayaks are approximately nineteen feet long, six feet short, and about 36 inches wide. Modern kayaks can be constructed from a multitude of different materials, such as wood, carbon fiber, Kevlar, neoprene, polyester, or fiberglass. Kayaks are designed to sit anywhere between one and three individuals. The specific designs of modern kayaks depend upon the type of kayak that you require.

Sea Kayaks

A sea kayak is a type of kayak that is traditionally used for the open water. Sea kayaks are longer than the typical kayak and usually have space below for individuals to store items. Sea kayaks usually have two (if not more) bulkheads, which is a type of barrier.

Sea kayaks are usually harder to maneuver than other kayaks. However, these kayaks are extremely stable and can be used in rougher and less calm waters.

Recreational Kayaks

The recreational kayaks are the most popular type of kayak since they are good in calmer waters such as shallow lakes or ponds. The kayak is used for individuals who want a peaceful ride or for individuals who want to bird watch or take pictures. These kayaks are not designed for rougher waters or for use out at sea.

The recreational kayaks have larger openings for individuals to sit in than the majority of other kayaks. This is because the type of water in which this kayak is used is less likely to overturn or splash into the kayak. Thus, the designers do not have to worry as much about the cavity filling with water.

These kayaks are typically less than twelve feet in length and have limited space for cargo. However, they are light enough to be strapped to a car. The price for recreational kayaks can be as low as $300 or as high as $700.

Surf Kayaks

Surf kayaks are designed for individuals who want to ride waves using their kayaks. These kayaks have a flatter bottom and quite hard edges. Surf kayaks are frequently constructed from fiberglass or from rotomolded plastic.

There are two main types of surf kayaks: high performance surf kayaks and international class kayaks. These high performance surf kayaks don’t have a significant tail rocker must be three meters in length and have a convex hull or a flat and slightly concave hull for the international surf kayak.

Whitewater Kayaks

The whitewater kayak is specifically designed for choppiness and safety in whitewaters. The whitewater kayak is usually composed of high impact plastic and can hit rocks without breaking. These kayaks range from four feet to ten feet in length. Whitewater kayaks are usually designed to seat one individual, but can be designed for more.