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Jon Boat Modifications

Jon Boat modifications resemble the enhancements you can make to a car or a motorcycle. You can add unique or personal touches to give the boat a one-of-a-kind look while gliding over the waters.

Jon Boat Modifications

What is a Jon Boat?

A Jon Boat is a boat with a flat bottom usually made from wood or aluminum. You’ll find these boats with one to three seats on the bench part of the boat. The seats tend to sit in a row rather than parallel to each other. Since the boats are flat-bottomed, they are geared for calm waters because Jon Boats tend to ride on top of the waves instead of through them. Although you can row these types of boats, Jon Boats often have a transom to mount an outboard motor.

This kind of boat ranges in size from 8 to 22 feet long and 30 to 55 inches wide. Many boaters buy a boat of this type in a basic form and opt to perform Jon Boat modifications.

Ideas for Jon Boat Modifications

Your ideas for modifying your Jon Boat are only limited by your imagination. Below you’ll find some good starter ideas that many people adapt for their own use.

Flooring. Many boating enthusiasts, especially fishermen, cover the benches with a light but sturdy wood and lay carpet on top, creating a full floor on the boat. This might seem wasteful, but you can also create compartments underneath by adding removable flaps. Usually, one compartment per chair and then one on the edge of the floor for the battery, wiring, and pump hoses is adequate. If you are a fisherman and are adding carpet to the Jon Boat, then is recommended you bring a lure with you when you look at carpet. Drop the lure on the carpet. If it sticks, you shouldn’t buy that type of carpet. It’s possible that trying to loosen the lure from the carpet will rip out loops in the carpet. Choose a carpet that doesn’t snag the lure.

Chairs. Jon Boats provide simple benches inside the boat with padded seating. However, adding a floor allows you to perform another Jon Boat modification: adding your own chairs. Boats made from aluminum, wood, or plastic without the added flooring need additional supports to add your own custom chairs. Some chairs are pre-built on platforms that slide into slots on the boat, but are simply designed. With a new floor, you can almost add any type of marine chair you want. You can choose from a basic, rotating plastic fishing chair or a back-folding cushion type for extended fishing time.

Canopies. A more advanced modification is installing a canopy over all or most of the boat. The best canopies are the marine type for small pontoon boats or other fishing boats. Attaching a canopy may require the help of an additional person or someone who is handy with that kind of modification.

Cushions. If you have family members or friends who enjoy fishing but are uncomfortable with how the higher Jon Boats right, you add a cushioned seat made from a cooler to the deeper part of the boat. Cushions can be custom-made and purchased from a boat seller, from craft materials, or any retailer that sells that material. The cooler also doubles as storage for food, drinks, or other groceries. The lower seating on this Jon Boat modification may give the family members or friends better stability to enjoy the boating experience.

Where to Buy Jon Boats

Jon Boats are a common boat in the marina world. Your local marina should carry a few different models. Although you can find a larger selection online, avoid paying any shipping costs by visiting a boat seller close to you. However, if you don’t have one near you, visit the following websites: