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Jon Boat Seats

Jon boat seats are a necessary accessory for comfort and function. These seats are used on a slim selection of boats, but they provide some of the best operation for hunters and fishermen. If you have a jon boat, you should find out where you can purchase one of these seats and what types of configurations are available for your own boat.

Jon Boat Seats

What is a Jon Boat?

This type of boat is usually made of wood or aluminum and is flat on the bottom. Typically, a jon boat consists of one, two, or three seats that can be on a swivel depending on the usage of the boat. Hunting is a common use since the flat bottom is conducive to stability, but there is no reason you can't fish on them as well. Since the hull of the jon boat is smooth and flat, the boat doesn't cut through the water, but rides over it giving a comfortable and less-shaky outing.

Most jon boats range from 8-21 feet long and 25-60 inches wide. People usually buy this type of boat with an open top that exposes the ridges and benches exposed, then they cover them with custom designs as needed. Some custom designs use flat surfaces and even use the portion underneath the covering as storage.

Jon Boat Seats

Jon boat seats are secured to the bench of the boat with a flush mount, giving the seat the best stability. The seats can be used with a back, angled flat, or simply used like a cushion. Depending on the width of the boat and the size of the seat, you might be able to secure two seats side by side, though most users put one on each of the bench parts of the boat.

Fishermen sometimes take a different approach when choosing seating, which involves a little custom building. They use a cushion-type seat affixed to a pole—one to three feet tall—and attached to a thick piece of wood strongly secured to the boat. This seat often swivels, which is great for fishermen since they can swiftly move around with their pole without causing major boat rocking.

Where to Buy Boat Seats

Jon boat seats are a vital part of your boat and should be sold at any local marina. Call your local marina to find out what kinds of seats they offer. However, you may also find great deals from online retailers:

  • Veada is a custom manufacturer of all kinds of boat seats. They offer luxury seating, fishing seats, bicycle-type seats, butt seats, and seats custom-designed for your specially-built boat. For a large selection of seating and good deals on accessories and hardware, try this online retailer first.
  • Overtons has been in business since 1976 and now has an iPhone application so you can search their website on-the-go. They have hundreds of different types of seats to choose from. Check their site weekly and join their Facebook fan page to stay abreast of deals and discounts.
  • Basspro is a well-known name for hunting, fishing, and outdoor equipment. You can view seats by price, top sellers, or rating. Basspro carries fishing and hunting seating, so you should be able to find what you are looking for. Keep in mind, though, the seats sold on this website cannot be custom designed.

Design Ideas

Want to upgrade your jon boat or need ideas for an empty hull? Then check out My Jon Boat to view pictures and download preview books to see how you can convert your boat. Also, visit High Voltage Bass Anglers to see pictures and step-by-step instructions on changing and upgrading your jon boat.

Owning a jon boat is fun whether you are a hunter or fishermen or just plan on using the boat for relaxation. Having the right seating can make all the difference.