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If you are looking for an affordable fishing boat, then mini bass boats — sometimes called mini pontoon boats — is one option for you to consider. Many high-end fishing boats that are loaded with features can run into the tens of thousands of dollars. These more expensive boats are meant to house a lot of equipment and more than a couple of fishermen.

Mini Bass Boats

Purposes of Mini Bass Boats

Mini bass boats do have their purpose, especially if you have limited funds or don't plan on having too many people in the boat at one time. The smaller bass boats are made for one or two fishermen along with a small amount of fishing gear. Typically, there are two places to sit with enough depth to hold poles, tackle boxes, or other gear.

One other main purpose of mini bass boats is portability. Since the boats are small and lighter-weight than other bass-type boats, moving them is easier, whether you are moving from fishing spot to fishing spot or loading the boat onto a trailer.


If you are looking at bass boats for the first time, you may notice they resemble tiny pontoon boats with one or two seats and an area for supplies. The seats are located above the actual boat part, which allows you to fish with proper weight distribution. Most boats range in prices from $500 to $3000, unless you go for a larger bass boat with railings, roofs, and other amenities.

Basically, there are two types of boats you can purchase. Most bass boats are made from a hard plastic or lightweight metal. Some people claim boats made from this kind of material are slightly clumsy, but after you get used to the weight and how it moves, you should be fine. Of course, maneuvering the boat is easier with two people, but small bass boats average anywhere from six to ten feet so, with a little practice, moving the boat yourself while fishing will get easier each time.

Inflatable bass boats are available as an option as well. These boats are very easy to transport, especially if you are moving from spot to spot. You can deflate the boat and inflate it in minutes. Also, inflatable boats are even less expensive that the metal and plastic counterparts. Usually, the boats come with their own pumps, but most standard pumps will work if you need to buy one separately.

Where to Buy Small Bass Boats

Are you ready to purchase a miniature bass boat? First, search locally for any marinas or boating shops. They will probably carry a good selection of boats and should have a few bass boats on-hand. If your local shop doesn't, they probably need to order boats and will at least have a selection of choices from their suppliers.

If you don't mind paying shipping charges, buying a boat online is a great option. It's possible to find great deals on boats from the current year and closeout deals from the previous year.

  • At 1st Direct Products you can find near-wholesale prices and inexpensive shipping fees. Most of the shipping costs around $99, but some of the boats — because of size or weight — will be a little more. With the savings you might find on the boat, a little shipping fee isn't that bad.
  • Buster Boats is a supplier for dealers across the United States, but you can also purchase directly from them. However, if you'd like to see the boats in person, find a local dealer near you. Though they have a number of dealers listed on the website, it's possible that a dealer close to you carries Buster Boats. Call any area dealers for this information.
  • Boat Owners World lists a number of different bass boats you can review. You can see a schematic of the boat as well as its features. If there's a boat you like, you can add it to a cart based on your state, which will give you specific shipping costs.

If you like to fish, but don't have the right kind of boat, getting a small bass boat is the most economical way to give further enjoyment to the way you fish.