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Pershing Yachts

Pershing yachts are a symbol of luxury. Yachts are often considered small cruise ship that are only made for a select few.

Pershing Yachts

When many people think of a yacht, they imagine a large boat sitting in the midst of sparkling, blue water. Many people imagine themselves sitting on the deck in a lounge chair, drinking a sparkling beverage while sunbathing.

Yachts are recreational boats that allow people to enjoy the water in a very personalized manner. There are different types of yachts available but the yachts made by the Italian company Pershing are especially luxurious and they offer individuals high-class sailing comfort.

The History of Pershing Yachts

The Pershing company is known for making high-end yachts that people all across the world have come to enjoy. Started in 1981, the company was established by three friends who shared a passion for sailing and the sea.

Their very first yacht, the Cantieri Navali dell’Adriatico, established Pershing as a company that was dedicated to providing high quality boats. Almost 30 years later, Pershing has created more than 23 different yacht models.

The company not only helped to introduce the laminate yacht to the public on a broader scale, but they also created their own standard for motor yachts that has now become the industry standard.

Pershing combined the traditional look of a classic motor yacht with the operation of a speedboat. This combination would give birth to the Pershing 45, which is considered to be the trademark for yachts since it combines the classic look with speedboat power. Pershing would also go on to produce a number of other yachts that are all very unique but still possess the elegance of the traditional motor yacht.

Buying a Pershing Yacht

Pershing does not have an independent dealership where it sells its inventory, but it does have a number of dealers around the world that offers its yachts for sale. It is also important to note that although Pershing has created twenty-three yacht models, not all of them are available. Pershing chooses a select number of yachts from its collection to offer for sale to the public via its dealers.

Those interested in purchasing Pershing yachts should first determine which yachts are of interest to them. The official Pershing website allows consumers to virtually view the exterior, interior, and other features of the nine yachts that are currently available through Pershing’s dealers.

To purchase or speak to someone about an interest in any of the Pershing yachts, you will have to go through a dealer who offers the particular model you are interested in. You can locate a dealer from the dealer map that is provided via the Pershing website. The dealer will speak with you about the type of yacht you are looking for while discussing available customizations. The dealer will also discuss the final costs.

The Cost of Owning a Yacht

The saying that "luxury does not come cheap" perfectly describes the purchase of a yacht. Yachts made from a quality company can cost into the hundred thousands of dollars. Those who desire to own these yachts are usually capable of doing so because they have disposable income that allows them to afford such a purchase.

Some people take out loans in order to finance the yacht they want to own. There are even some people who purchase yachts and then place them with a charter company. This allows an individual to generate revenue off of the yacht by offering it to others while finding a unique way to pay for the yacht. In general, yachts are expensive and are usually purchased by those that have the expendable income to do so.