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Boating is a fun and enjoyable experience, especially if you have a pontoon boat, but having the right pontoon boat supplies will enhance your river, lake, or pond experience. Pontoon boats are the lackadaisical portion of the boat family. They move along at a slower pace, though this is not meant to hinder the boating experience, but to make it better. It's easier to relax on a pontoon boat this way.

Kinds of Supplies

Pontoon Boat Supplies

What kind of supplies can you get for pontoon boats? Whether you are rebuilding a boat or need an extra piece on-hand in case of damage, you may want to consider:

  • Furniture, such as sectionals, chairs, tables, and podiums for your boat.
  • Ladders and pontoon railings.
  • Boat covers and tops, which are commonly called Bimini Tops.
  • Flooring kits. Over time, the pontoon boat carpet will wear out. Having a full kit or even a repair kit available ensures the boat will be ready for you and your guests at all times.
  • Life jackets and safety equipment. No matter if you are taking a five minute casual float down river and back or having a long-afternoon party, you need life jackets and a first aid kit on board. If you frequently have children on the boat, be sure to have kid's jackets as well.

Most pontoon boat supplies deal with the boat. Other supplies may include a cooler you can transport on and off the boat when necessary; blankets to cover people if the air is chilly; and suntan lotion (both for adults and kids) for sunny days.

Where to Buy Pontoon Boat Supplies

First, visit your local boat sellers or marina. Typically, they will have pontoon boat supplies, but you may find better deals online or through a wholesaler. Ask the local marina or other boats where they purchase their supplies. Don't be afraid to ask about wholesalers, especially if you need bulk carpeting or safety supplies.

Pontoon Stuff is a great start for pontoon supplies. The company offers free same-day shipping, no sales tax opportunities, and price match options if you find similar items cheaper elsewhere. Besides individual supplies, you can buy whole kits for rebuilding your boat or replacing specific parts on the Pontoon. The site also has articles on the basics of pontoons, buying pontoons, and purchasing used pontoon boating supplies.

Pontoon Specialists deal mainly in rebuilding parts for pontoon boats. Parts include seating and carpet, but also parts for underneath and for the side of the boat. They also have a "Special Bargains" section where you can find great deals on overstock items, boat seats, furniture, or other items.

Overton's has been in business since 1976 and offers all kinds of supplies for your pontoon. The name might be familiar to you since many marinas and boat supply resellers often purchase in bulk from Overton's. A unique feature of Overton's is their shopping tools. You can get assistance, find a boat cover or propeller, and get custom lettering for your boat. Also, they can help you pick out customized ring buoys.

For a website that offers wholesale pricing on boat supplies, go to Wholesale Marine. Spend some time perusing buying guides, vendor shopping, and boating community forums on the site. There is also a section to view customer boat photos. Wholesale Marine also has a Captain's club where you earn points for rewards and save even more money.

Pontoon boat supplies are important for safety and enjoyment of your pontoon boat and there's no reason not to save a little money in the process. With the above websites offering great deals through price matching, shipping, clearance and general sales, you can keep your boat new-looking at all times.