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Small Catamaran Sail

A small catamaran sail is necessary if you want to move these small boats through the water quickly and efficiently. While some of the smaller catamarans can be engine powered, using a traditional sail is a great learning experience in case the boat motor malfunctions.

Small Catamaran Sail

What is a Catamaran?

A catamaran is a type of water vessel that varies in size, though they all have two hulls joined together by a frame or some other structure. The boats can be wind-powered or driven by a motor. Typically, the larger catamaran boats use motors since their applications, like ferrying passengers and guiding tourists around, require the use of mechanical power.

For recreational boating, the smaller catamarans use sails. These lighter boats are usually meant to be launched from a standstill, like from a beach. What's nice about catamarans is the hulls keep the boat stabilized and they come to rest without worry about tipping over. Also, you can retract the rudders even with the hulls so they don't get damaged when bringing the boat to shore.

One advantage to the catamaran over a regular, single-hulled boat is speed and stability. You'll get an increase of speed since the drag is reduced to two thin hulls instead of one fatter hull. This also helps keep the boat stabilized so it capsizes less. However, catamarans have problems when the fronts of the hulls dip below the waterline; they tend to flip over if they are controlled quickly.

Where to Buy Small Catamaran Sails

Over time, it's possible for sails to degrade in quality. Eyelet holes loosen, edges fray and — if it's not store properly — insects and bugs could eat at the fabric. If you need a new small catamaran sail, then check out some of the following online retailers:

  • New England Catamarans provides a basic website for you to peruse. They have an offline catalog that is updated every year. Merchandise is not listed on both the online and offline catalog, so your best bet is to call the company directly and request a current copy of their catalog.
  • Catamarans is one of the largest retailers of catamarans. You'll find many listings for catamarans, but you also find many accessories, including catamaran sails. If you don't find something in their used or new sections, try browsing through the "For Trade" section.
  • Multihull Company sells used and new catamarans and has dealerships around the world, including Turkey and France. Check out their articles on sails and rigging located under their Resources tab.
  • For a user-generated classified site, visit Himfr to see ads from boaters around the world who are looking to sell their boats and accessories.

Local Dealerships

Even though the Internet can provide a vast amount of chances to find a small catamaran sail, it's possible you may not find one sail that's perfect for your catamaran.

In that case, visit your local marina or boat dealership. If you live near a large boating community, finding a sail for your catamaran will probably be easier; don't worry though, living further inland where you must travel quite a distance to reach a lake, ocean, or someplace deep enough to boat doesn't mean you won't find a place.

No matter how big or small the dealership, the owner or clerks should have information or contacts that can help. Just ask because they should be happy to help.

Owning a catamaran is a fun experience and good for those who are just learning. Maintaining the sail is just as important as keeping the boat in working order so you can enjoy hours on the water each and every beautiful weekend.