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Small Fishing Boats

Do you love to fish and want to learn more about small fishing boats? Fishing is a great way to relax and can be an enjoyable activity for all ages.

Small Fishing Boats

If you frequently fish, you may want to consider purchasing your own fishing boat. You’ll save money over time by not renting boats and will be able to fish more frequently with your own vessel. However, the fishing boat market can be difficult to navigate.

Different Types of Small Fishing Boats

The type of small boat that you purchase usually depends on the style you like and your needs. For example, certain boats perform better in shallow water while other boats are better if you frequently fish in choppy water. Certain types of smaller boats are considered more stable than other types of boats while others are better for bigger bodies of water. Thus, you should assess your fishing needs before you purchase small fishing boats.

Some of the different types of fishing boats include the following types of boats: jon boats, tri hull boats, V hull boats, fishing kayaks, and small catamaran boats. The following will examine some of these different types.

Jon Boats

If you plan to fish in shallow water, you should consider purchasing a jon boat. The flat bottom of the boat makes it ideal for use in shallow water. Jon boats can cost up to$1,500, but you can purchase them for significantly less.

Jon boats are available in a multitude of different materials, such as welded aluminum, polyethylene, and fiberglass. Jon boats are also available in two different types--a modified V-hull jon boat and the regular jon boat. These two types differ in their ability to handle choppier water. If you are fishing in choppier water, the modified V-hull jon boat is better suited for that type of water.

Tri Hull Boats

Tri hull boats are useful if you want to use an outboard engine. The boats are particularly known for their ability to remain stable even if you stop the boat quickly. The boats are able to get up on plane, which is a useful feature depending upon the type of water that you plan to fish in. You can purchase either fiberglass tri hull boats or plastic tri hull boats.

V Hull Boats

The V-hull boats are best for cutting through choppy waters, making them well known for their smooth rides. The front of the boat is “v” shaped, which makes it better equipped to handle unstable water.

A number of different materials may be used to construct a v-hull boat, such as aluminum or fiberglass. V-hull boats can cost up to approximately $4000, but you can get them for just over $1,000.

Fishing Kayaks

One of the best qualities of a fishing kayak is that it is extremely portable. You can strap a fishing kayak to the top of your car and transport it across the country. Furthermore, fishing kayaks are cheaper than most boats and you might be able to purchase a fishing kayak for fewer than $500. However, fishing kayaks can usually only seat one or two individuals.

Small Catamaran Boats

This type of boat is best used for larger bodies of water, such as bigger lakes or bays. The design of the boat also makes it ideal for choppier water. However, a common critique of these boats is their lack of stability at quick stops. The boats can cost as much as $4,000, however, you may be able to purchase a boat on sale for fewer than $1,000.