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Trailerable pontoon houseboats provide a way to enjoy the unique pleasures of being on the water with the convenience of being able to experience different lakes and rivers. As a boater, you know that nothing can beat the relaxation of the water. With a pontoon houseboat, you can enhance your boating experience.

Trailerable Pontoon Houseboats

Benefits of Trailerable Pontoon Houseboats

The greatest benefit is flexibility. As long as your vehicle can safely tow it, you have lakeside accommodations on the go. You can travel down the Mississippi River or visit one of Minnesota's 10,000 lakes.

When you travel by houseboat, you can move around easily, which will make your boating more comfortable for you and your passengers. Depending upon your set up, you can prepare meals and store plenty of food and beverages on board, too.

Another advantage is the type of boating a pontoon houseboat will offer. You will have an opportunity to spend the night on the water, giving you a rare glimpse into the habits of nocturnal wildlife. If you rise early enough, you may get to enjoy a lakeside sunrise. When other boaters are pulling out for the day, you can enjoy a refreshing sundowner.

Types of Pontoon Houseboats

You have several choices for finding the pontoon houseboat that is right for you. Your first consideration is the weight that your vehicle can tow. Your owner's manual will provide this information or you can contact your car dealer. Because of the added living accommodations, your pontoon houseboat may weigh more than the standard runabout boat.

Purchased Pontoon Houseboats

You can purchase a houseboat new or used with the advantage that your boat is water-ready. You can find available boats online or at your local marina. Things you want to consider are the size and width of the boat, the type of boating you do, and the typical types of locations in which you boat. If it is just you and one other person boating, a smaller boat may suffice.

Whatever route you take, make sure to request a test drive on the water. The last thing you want is to have our boat towed when you on the lake. The size of a pontoon houseboat may complicate pulling the boat out if repairs are needed.

Make Your Own Pontoon Houseboat

An alternative is to make your own pontoon houseboat. You can buy a pontoon boat and then fix it up for your needs. For your energy needs, you can add a portable generator or you may also want to consider solar panels if appropriate.

Propane appliances such as a water heater or refrigerator can give your pontoon houseboat all the comforts of home. If you install a stove and sink, you can also have all your meals on the water.

Stuck for ideas? Houseboat plans are available for purchase online. You will need to know the measurements of your boat to order. To help the decision-making process, you can also visit boat shows or tour other houseboats for ideas.

Other Considerations

Trailerable pontoon houseboats do have some disadvantages since it is more work to prepare your pontoon houseboat for travel. If you travel frequently, the task of putting in and pulling out your boat may become tiresome.

Another concern is aquatic hitchhikers. When you trailer your boat, you increase the risk of contaminating other lakes with invasive species such as Eurasian milfoil and zebra mussels. It is therefore your responsibility as a boat owner to remove any aquatic vegetation or zebra mussels from your pontoon boat.

On the bright side, you don't have to worry about damage to your boat from storms while it is off the water. You will have additional opportunities to clean your boat and do any necessary repairs.

Trailerable pontoon houseboats are essentially floating cabins. They offer comfort and sleeping quarters that can't be beat. The convenience and flexibility for customizing your pontoon boat gives a whole new meaning to going to the cabin.