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Truck Racks for Canoes

If you are thinking about purchasing a canoe, then you need to know about truck racks for canoes. A canoe is a great boat for relaxing, fishing, and generally having a great time during the warmer months. However, you will probably need to transport your canoe. Thus, you need to know about truck racks for canoes.

Truck Racks for Canoes

Different Types of Truck Racks for Canoes

First, let’s navigate through the different kinds that are out in the market. There are both permanent and temporary racks for your truck. A permanent rack is screwed on top of your car, while a temporary rack attaches to parts that are already on your car.

You can buy a rack that goes on top of your car if your truck has square load bars. These types of racks usually come with four brackets, and straps to attach the canoe to the brackets. You attach the brackets on top of your car, and then you strap your canoe down to the brackets, and use the buckle protectors to ensure that the canoe does not come loose.

Alternatively, you might want to buy a mounted canoe rack. This is best if you drive a pickup truck, an SUV, or a van. If you purchase a mounted canoe rack, then you attach the rack underneath your car (rather than on top), and the canoe sits on top of the rack. The canoe is tied onto the rack using a strap, and it rides mounted on the rack behind your van, pickup truck, or your SUV.

Rather than carrying the canoe mounted behind your truck, you can also purchase a rack that allows you to carry the canoe in your truck’s bed if you have a pickup truck. This rack attaches underneath the car, but your canoe is tied in over the open area of your pickup truck, rather than riding behind it.

Finally, if you want to, you can also carry your canoe behind your truck entirely if you use a hitch-mounted rack. This type of rack is attached underneath your car, but the canoe is pulled on a wheeled rack. You have to be careful with this type of rack when you make turns, or switch lanes on the highway.

Buying Tips for a Canoe Rack

Now that you know a little more about the different types of truck racks for canoes, you might want some advice about how to purchase one. The first thing that you should look for in a canoe rack is stability. You need to ensure that the canoe won’t fall off your car as you are transporting it. Stability is so important because it is extremely dangerous if the canoe gets dislodged during the ride. This can severely injure, and even kill other drivers on the road.

If choosing a temporary rack, be sure that the rack will be able to properly attach to your car. Discuss the type of car that you have with the salesperson, and ensure that your truck has the proper parts for the rack that you are buying.

When buying a rack, verify that it comes with the appropriate straps to tie the canoe securely. Do not simply use rope or cords that you have in your basement or garage because the canoe runs the risk of coming loose if the proper straps aren’t used.

You need to consider if you are planning on loading and unloading the canoe yourself, or if you will have help. If you are doing it yourself, then you need to look into racks that are built for this purpose.

A canoe rack should be a utility, not a chore. Taking the time to buy the right one can save you time and aggravation later.