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Wilderness Systems Kayaks

Wilderness Systems kayaks come from a kayak-building and selling company that offers many different products for almost every type of boating situation.

About the Company Wilderness Systems

Wilderness Systems Kayaks

Wilderness Systems is a company that started in 1985 to give people from all walks of life the chance to enjoy boating, no matter where they lived. The company provides sleek and innovative kayaks whether you are a rookie or seasoned veteran.

Wilderness Systems kayaks won awards in both 2008 and 2009. They have been named the Boat Manufacturer of the Year as well as receiving a number of Reader Choice awards from Sea Kayaker's Magazine and have a few of their specific kayaks picked as best kayaks for various magazines. Wilderness Systems is not a major corporation with thousands of employees; by looking through their main website, you'll see a group of people who love kayaking for sport and recreation.

Types of Wilderness Systems Kayaks

  • Recreational kayaks give you stable performance while being easy to control and manage. These kayaks are designed for lakes and slow moving waters so you can enjoy your ride and not worry about turning and speed and tipping. Within this class are different shapes of Kayaks that provide lots of comfort, space for equipment, and ease of transport.
  • Angler kayaks are for serious kayak fishermen who fish for sport or for fun. Many of the designs for the fishing kayak are based on feedback obtained from real fishermen who use the kayaks almost exclusively. Wilderness Systems takes that feedback and enhances certain models, improves on features, or adds new features. After that, the kayaks are tested by field testers as well as regular customers and serious fishermen.
  • The touring kayaks are built with comfort in mind. These kayaks are typically thinner, giving them the ability for consistent speed. Touring kayaks come in different lengths and operate best when fitted to your height. As far as the comfort, the touring kayaks include some of the best seating around, which is called Phase 3 seating.
  • The sea kayak is made for easy maneuverability and quick responsiveness. Despite having the word "sea" in the name, this kayak is made for all types of water: lakes, oceans, rivers, and, yes, seas. They are built thin in width and depth, but contain all the ruggedness for any kind of obstacles.

Kayaks Accessories from Wilderness Systems

Two major accessories are splash guards and skirts made to fit your particular model. First, you'll determine what kind you want for your kayak and then you select the one that's the right size.

Wilderness Systems offers many kinds of SlideTrax accessories for your SlideTrax, which is a mounting system that holds various peripherals. You can purchase SlideTrax accessories for GPS/fishing locaters, fishing rods and lures, bobs, and other fishing equipment. There are also special dashboards that swing out or provide easy access to items with limited movement needed from you.

Of course, they also sell various paddles. Each paddle gives you different abilities, though in their basic form, they are meant to propel your kayak along. Choose from paddles that will give you control, speed, precision, and effective gliding.

As of Fall 2010, Wilderness Systems will be offering various apparel items. As of this writing, you can sign up for email alerts that will inform you when they are for sale.

Major Retailers

Your first stop should be any local sporting goods stores or marinas. If you live near popular water spots, like in a nature preserve or state park, you'll probably have more luck than if you lived in a rural area where there are no lakes or rivers. Even if those places don't have Wilderness Systems kayaks, then they may know where the closest dealer is.

However, if you are willing to travel a few miles, go to the Dealer Locator on the main page and type in your zip code. If nothing appears, try expanding the miles further out to pick up other places that might sell Wilderness Systems kayaks.