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Wooden Boat Plans

Wooden boat plans provide the necessary information for making a boat to fit your particular needs. Whether you are trying to capture the feel of a classic boat or just want a customized fishing boat, good plans are the first step toward creating the vessel of your dreams.

Wooden Boat Plans

Types of Wooden Boat Plans

The first thing you need to decide is the type and size of boat you want to create. Your workspace will likely limit the size of the boat you can make, but you can find plans for just about any type of boat from kayak to sailboat to cabin cruiser.

In order to choose, think about the type of boating you do and where you most often boat. A powerboat may not be the best option if you have a dock on a wake-free lake. Likewise, if you have access to big water, you may want to take advantage of weekend trips.

Before Buying

After you have picked the type of boat you wish to build, begin searching online and in books on boat making. Pay careful attention to the specifications with the boat. Note the size as well as weight of the finished product. Some sites may indicate the skill level needed to build a particular model. You may want to avoid a plan that requires advanced skills, if this is your first venture in to building.

Some wooden boat plans may be sold as kits, offering the convenience of a product ready to build. Regardless of your choice, building your own boat is likely to have significant savings over buying a pre-made boat.

You may also want to investigate if the boat is indeed seaworthy. Out on the open water is no time to find out your boat leaks or cannot stand up to wave action. Buy only from a reputable dealer who has experience in boat building.

When choosing your design, you should look into the total cost of materials for the boat. The plan is only one of many purchases you may be making to build your boat. Look into the types of materials needed and estimate the final cost to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

If possible, look into viewing a sample plan so you know what to expect and what skills will be necessary. Make sure the instructions are presented clearly and in great detail, especially if this is your first boat.

Most companies selling boat plans will have some sort of terms or conditions. Review these carefully, noting policies on guarantees and returning plans as needed. The preliminary research will save you aggravation down the line if things don't work out as planned.

Working with Your Plan

With some sites, you can get instant access to your boat plans through a simple download. Depending upon the company and the plan, you can expect to pay less than $200. Other companies may offer full-sized plans that can help you visualize the building process better.

As with any project, review your plan carefully. Note any additional items you may need to purchase to complete your boat such as epoxy and c-clamps. Attention to detail is essential for your boat plan. For best results, follow the plan exactly as presented.

You should also take proper precautions for your personal safety as you build your boat. Sawing is likely to stir a great deal of dust in your workspace. Depending upon your plan, you may also need to seal your boat with glue or epoxy. Good ventilation will help ensure you do not inhale the wood dust or fumes from the products you may be using.

Building your own boat is an ideal way to gain the satisfaction of the time spent laboring and customizing your own boat. Wooden boat plans can guide you through the process from start to finish and will get you out on the water.