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World's Largest Yachts

Bigger is better for many yacht enthusiasts, and the list of the world’s largest yachts is updated yearly to reflect the production of newer yachts.

World's Largest Yachts

Known as superyachts, these mammoths of the sea are not mere boats -- they start at 150 to 160 feet in length and have reached lengths in excess of 500 feet. Some of them are privately owned, while others are available only for charter.

Large yachts are built primarily for pleasure on the seas and generally include accommodations for dozens of guests, ornate ballrooms and dining rooms, and recreation for those on board. The best luxury yachts are some of the most technologically advanced craft on the seas with stabilization systems that allow for the smoothest ride possible for the guests.

The World’s Largest Proposed Yachts

While it is expected that these yachts will hit the seas sometime in 2010, they are still under construction as of June 2010. Once completed, they will be some of the largest yachts ever conceived.

  • Eclipse: Roman Abramovich is one of the richest men in Russia and the 50th richest man in the entire world, with a total wealth estimated around $11 billion. It is perhaps no surprise, then, that Abramovich’s yacht Eclipse is slated to be the largest yacht in the entire world when it is finally launched in 2010. Its length is rumored to be between 532 and 557 feet. Other rumored appointments include a pool that can be converted into a dance floor and a private submarine that can fit up to three guests.
  • Swift 141: Once it is completed, Swift 141 will be the 6th largest yacht in the entire world, with a length of 462 feet (141 meters). There is little information about the boat as of yet, but it is known that Swift 141 was built over the steel hull of a former frigate of the Royal Dutch Navy. Around 60 guests will be able to stay on the boat at one time, which will be manned by a crew of about 56.
  • Fincantieri: Some of the world’s most expensive and luxurious pleasure boats from Carnival cruise ships to P&O Ferries have been designed by the Fincantieri Company. The company is now completing construction on one of the largest boats in the entire world. When the Fincantieri superyacht is finally put to sea in 2010, it will round out the list of world’s largest yachts, coming in at number ten. Nearly 440 feet long, this yacht will have two landing pads for helicopters, storage space for a large submarine vessel, and a seawater swimming pool.

The World’s Largest Yachts

Following are the largest yachts in the world that have already hit the seas. Some are privately owned by only one individual while others are chartered out to people seeking the luxury of a vessel on the ocean.

  • Dubai. Dubai is currently the record holder for the largest yacht ever built at more than 531 feet long. It boasts an enormous crew of 88, can accommodate up to 72 guests, and hosts a helipad. Its ornate glass staircase actually changes colors and its swimming pool is covered in handmade mosaics. Dubai also has seven decks available for sunbathers to enjoy.
  • Al Said. Built by Lurssen Yachts, Al Said is a luxurious and exciting boat capable of speeds of up to 25 knots. It can host far more crew and guests than most yachts—seventy guests and more than 150 crew members can be on the boat at the same time. It features a steel hull and aluminum superstructure. Al Said was completed in 2008 and is owned by Sultan Qaboos of Oman.
  • Prince Abdulaziz. Prince Abdulaziz is one of the world’s largest yachts at 482 feet, completed in 1984 but refit in 2005. It offers room for 64 guests and about 65 crew members. Custom built by Helsingor Vaerft in Denmark, the yacht’s striking hull was designed by Maierform Maritime Technology. It is one of the Saudi royal family's yachts and is used for both business and pleasure.