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Cabin Blueprints

Cabin blueprints exist at websites that offer house plans or from architecture firms that create different types of houses. With the former, you’ll find cookie-cutter cabin plans that are sometimes free or provided at a low cost; with the latter, the firm can design a custom cabin, though you’ll pay higher fees for their expertise and design.

Why Buy Cabin Building Plans?

Cabin Blueprints

If you are looking for a vacation home near a lake, river, the woods, or anywhere a cabin will mesh with nature, then cabin blueprints will fit that need. Some people also use blueprints to build hunting or fishing cabins to use during weekend trips. Whatever reason you have for wanting to build a cabin, you’ll want do some research.

Cabin Blueprints

Most cabins are based from cottage-style country homes or built in the classical, log-cabin style. Log cabins can have a modern look with multiple rooms or floors with tall walls or it can have an older look resembling a smaller ranch house with a front or back porch and very little modern conveniences. So, where can you find cabin blueprints?

At, you can get cabin plans that have square footages ranging from 600-10,000 feet. They have log cabin plans available as well as blueprints for other styles of cabins. Some blueprints even come in one- or two-floor varieties to give you options based on location. The blueprints are available for order over the phone or you can even download them if you need them sooner.

Visiting gets you ten free downloadable cabin blueprints as well as guides on how to build them and add amenities like electricity, plumbing, and other water supply sources. The plans include views from the outside (front, back, top, left, and right) and the inside (room sizes, number of rooms, doors, windows, cabinets) and foundation and wall views. You’ll see a “Construction Outline,” giving you details on the type of wood used and other recommended materials. The materials list gives you the number and type of pieces needed to do a complete build of the plan. The plans available on the website are suitable for almost any environment, though some of the smaller ones are good for hunting or fishing cabins. offers many small cabin blueprints for sale. They also specialize in prefabricated log cabin homes, which can be limited if you are looking for a specific size or plan. The website also offers a listing of favorite cabin plan based on sales. They can also assist you in modifying any current plans to fit your needs. Cabin-plan also helps you in finding building services (they don’t provide any, but they can help in locating contractors or other laborers.) Before you select any plan, make sure you read the guide Choosing the Right Cabin to Build, located in the navigation pane. sells blueprints for cabins you can download to your computer. You can choose from a .PDF file or, if you have a design program that reads a CAD file, you can download that. The CAD file is convenient because you can take it to a professional architect if you need to make changes. Keep in mind the price for a CAD file is probably going to be a little higher. With this company's cabin plans, you get a computer-rendered outside view, a 2D floor plan, as well as an isometric floor plan and a printable copy of the plan. Previews of the plans include an outside view and isometric view of each floor.


Most of the sites above give you important guides to look over. These are especially important if you a first-time cabin buyer or if you’ve never built a cabin before. Read them over carefully, taking special note on labor coats or needs and time frames. That way, you’ll be prepared when the times comes to break ground.