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Cabin Floor Plans

Cabin floor plans are needed if you want to build a log home or a special cabin as a getaway from your permanent home. You can choose to download free plans off the Internet or to buy them from cabin-building experts or architects. Going with the latter option is more beneficial to those who either have limited experience in building cabins or want comprehensive instructions and material listings. Whatever route you decide to pursue, check out some of the better resources to find plans for your cabin.

Types of Cabins

Cabin Floor Plans

Cabins are usually less than 1,000-square-feet and have just a single story. Many cabins use a crawlspace or a simple concrete slab as the foundation, but you can be creative with the larger cabin floor plans if you want a half or full basement.

Besides livable homes, you can build cabins for storage, Jacuzzis, hunting, or just about whatever you need. Many websites that sell floor plans give options for customizing any general plan so you can change the number of rooms, room sizes, and what’s included when you go to buy your floor plan.

Cabin Floor Plans

So where do you go to find floor plans? Start with the following list:

  • eHouse Plans is a good place to begin. Their search box lets you specific the square footage you’re looking for, how many bedrooms and bathrooms and if you want to include ½ baths. Remember that cabins are typically smaller than most homes, so adding more than one floor and a garage may not net you many search results. If you want to see a full catalogue of their floor plans, you can purchase a book with more than 450 plans you can purchase.
  • Appalachian Log and Timber Homes uses natural logs for that old-fashioned look and atmosphere. Most of their plans were designed around user and customer feedback. The one advantage to using this company is if you are buying an entire kit, the home is not pre-fabricated: the log cabin materials are cut when you place the order. Appalachian Log and Timer Homes also make floor plans from scratch so you can have maximum input.
  • For smaller cabins, visit Town and Country Plans. This company’s plans start at a little over 100-square-feet and go to around 750-square-feet. Most of the floor plans are meant for small hunting or fishing cabins, but their larger ones can be used for permanent residence. When you click on a type of cabin, you'll see the layout, possible inclusions (appliances, etc), and a photo of an actual structure, if applicable.
  • Country Plans contains a free site to view and browse cabin plans as well as a paid subscription site that provides guides to building small cabins and cottages. The free site has plans, a free forum of user comments, a picture gallery of users who have build some of the site's cabins, and an expert’s tutorials on how to build some of Country plans stock floor designs.
  • For another company that designs and sells upscale cabin floor plans, go to Frontier Log Homes. You can search various plans by the square footage you are looking for and view many different angles of the floor plan.

Be Smart

If you have no experience in building a cabin, whether through a floor plan or with a contractor, make sure you keep records of materials purchase, labor spent, and time used. That way, if you decide to build another cabin or small log structure, you’ll have some knowledge about the non-construction side of things. Also, overspending on any of the above factors can cause more headaches than the actual cabin building itself.