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Cheapest Log Home Kits

If you don’t have a retailer that sells the cheapest log home kits, where can you find them? Locating them online is your best option. Many retailers are available online and if you don’t mind paying shipping costs, you can still save money by buying the least expensive log home kits over the Internet.

What is a Log Home Kit?

Cheapest Log Home Kits

A log home kit is a pre-manufactured bundle of logs and floor plans. You buy an entire kit, which contains the blueprints and logs for the walls and the roof. Everything you need to plan and build your log home is included in a kit. To find the cheapest log home kits, you will probably need to purchase them online and at log cabin kit wholesalers.

Buying Kits

Contrary to what you might believe, buying a log home kit isn’t as simple as adding the kit to an online cart, giving the company your credit card information, and clicking submit. There are a few steps you need (and should) complete beforehand.

  • If you need to, acquire your loan before you purchase the cheapest log home kit. This loan could be for the actual kit, the land the log cabin is going to be built on, or the construction costs. At the very least, especially if you can’t estimate costs, you should get pre-approved. Lenders will work with you to figure out what you can get approved for in relation to what the log cabin kit costs as well as additional costs.
  • To prepare for the arrival of the kit, make sure you have your land secured if it’s not going on already-owned property.
  • As you view the floor plans, purchase what fits your needs, not what you think your needs are. Most log cabin kit companies have specialists who can help you determine how much space you should have as well as what materials you need. Make sure you know your budget so the salesperson can stay within that budget.
  • Once you know the delivery date of the kit, obtain permits and locate any contractors that will work on your house. Some companies offer their own builders, which can be included in the log cabin kit pricing.

Where to Find Cheapest Log Home Kits

You should stick with companies that have years of experience with log home kits, whether that’s selling them or building them. If they know the product, then they are in better shape to help you find the best log home kit for you, rather than someone who is a recent start-up company with no experience.

  • Battle Creek Log Homes works out of Battle Creek, Michigan. They have various sizes of log cabins starting at 1,000 square feet to over 3,000 square feet. For those who need smaller floor plans, some of their single-level and cabin series log cabin kits might be better for you. Battle Creek Log Homes allows you to buy just floor plans, kits, or comprehensive packages that include them building the home for you.
  • For those who don’t want cookie-cutter log homes, try Lazarus Log Homes. While you can pick any of the popular floor plans, you can either modify certain portions of one or even work with a designer to create a customized log cabin. They are experts in making cabins lodge or chalet style and can even work with you on other styles, like a ranch or Cape Cod type.
  • Go to Conestoga Log Cabins for a good variety of small log cabins. They also have many house plans, but you can get cabins for vacation or camping, small hunting cabins, and even outhouses made from logs.

Even though you may have found some of the cheapest log kits available on the Internet, delve a little deeper into the company and make sure they have the experience in creating a log cabin perfect for you. It's possible that spending a little more money on experience will cause you less headache than buying from someone with a few weeks of knowledge.