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First Steps

After procuring land suitable to build a cabin, one must be careful in choosing an elevated spot. Do not locate your camp at the base of a hill or near marshy and boggy ground. Be sure that good drinking water can be had near at hand. After selecting a place for your cabin, you must decide upon the style and size to build it. These must be determined largely by the size and amount of timber you can procure. The picture is of a plan for a cabin simple in design and structure.

First Steps to Building a Cabin

Most of the material for the cabin can be secured in the woods; but for a good roof, floor, and the finishing of the door and window openings, some boards should be taken along. There is no rule for the diameter of the timber to be used, but logs of small diameter are to be preferred for a small cabin. Cut all the logs about two feet longer than the inside dimensions of the building. If the plan here given is followed, the logs should be twelve and fourteen feet long. Leave the bark on the logs.

To start the cabin, stake out its length and breadth upon the ground; clear the space of all trees and brush, and make the ground as nearly level as possible. It will be unnecessary to have a foundation for a cabin of this size. Select two fourteen-foot logs for sills and lay them upon the ground, parallel to each other and ten feet apart.

There are several ways of joining the logs together. Probably the most simple scheme is what is known as the lock-joint. A notch is cut in the logs one foot from each end. After cutting the notches in two twelve-foot logs, fit them over the sills one foot from the ends.

If you intend to have a wooden floor, you must lay the floor joints at this point. Cut straight poles for these and gain and tenon them into the sills, placing them about two feet apart.

After fastening the joists in place, continue laying the logs, placing a fourteen-foot log on each side and then a twelve-foot log on each end, until the height of the doors and windows has been reached. This should be about six feet eight inches from the floor. Cut out the openings and finish them with jambs.