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Free Cabin Plans

Do you need free cabin plans to build a small or medium-sized cabin or as a basis for creating a customizable cabin? You can find hundreds of plans on the Internet, but there are some websites that offer you original creations or cabin plans you can modify for your own needs.

Free Cabin Plans

Free Cabin Plans

So what are some of the better Web sites available for cabin plans? Check out the following for a good selection of free plans to choose from:

  • Cabin Log is from an actual architect who has original cabin plans as well as modified plans from one of the best cabin builders in history, Larry Eisinger. The creator of the Web site, John Spender, used Eisinger's book to create plans for everyday and vacation use. You'll find plans for more than 30 cabins ranging from small vacation getaways and multi-floor permanent residences. The book is available to read online or as a download PDF and has instructions and material recommendations. There's even a section on building carports and guides for the intricacies of housing, like plumbing and heating.
  • At PDF Garage Plans you can choose from eight free cabin plans that accommodate just one or two people or a large family. The big A-Frame cabins support two floors and multiple bedrooms while the Guest and Tourist cabins are made for quick getaways and short stays. There is also a one floor cabin with a dormitory loft. All of the plans load as PDF files, so you can download them directly to your computer. The drawings also give you all the outside perspectives of the house, the indoor layout, and a cut-out of the wall to show you how the wall and foundation are made.
  • Through their agriculture department, the University of Tennessee has a huge list of free plans pertaining to farming and the country. If you click on House Plans you can view a section for medium-size homes. In addition to the cabins, you might also be interested in the Energy Efficient House and Landscaping Plan. After you build your cabin, you can also download a number of recreation projects like an outdoor fireplace or covered barbecue pits. There are also plans for decks, camp stoves, and a picnic table. The rest of the site has PDF plans for storage sheds and other farm structures.
  • Go to CAD Design and Drafting Services for links to cabins, tiny houses, or micro homes. Depending on where you live, you may want to opt for a traditional cabin or a modern log-based home, which you can build yourself or have pre-manufactured. This site is a good place to start if you're stuck knowing where to begin.

You may not think of it right away, but typing "cabin plans" or "cabin blueprints" into a Google image search will produce a number of plans. You'll find cabin plans as well as computer-generated pictures that you can use as a springboard for inspiration. Unless the drafted plans are free—which you can figure out if you visit the website—you don't want to copy the plan exactly, but you can use it to develop your own ideas and create your own plans. One way to tell if a plan is not free is to see if there's a watermark on the picture: if there is, it's not free.


After you find your free cabin plans, you should take them to a professional architect to see if building the cabin is feasible for your area and if there are any special considerations you need to take. Spending that money initially will lessen any problems later.