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Log Cabin Floor Plans

If you are looking for log cabin floor plans then you definitely want to consider going on the Internet and doing a bit of research. There are a plethora of diverse floor plans available for use, but you have to decide on what you are looking for and how much you are willing to pay for it. To get started, the best possible thing to do is to peruse a log cabin website and see which type of floor plans you will need in order to complete your log cabin project.

Log Cabin Floor Plans

What Are Some Common Types Of Log Cabin Floor Plans?

The type of log cabin floor plans available depends heavily on the square footage of the log cabin you are working on. You might, for example, choose a Blue Ridge Log Homes Package from Western Log Home Supply that allows you to build a cabin 1867 square feet, or you might choose a much larger or smaller cabin. The best thing you can do is to have an idea of the size of the log cabin you intend to work on so you will not be lost when you are deciding on the appropriate floor plan and layout for your new cabin.

What Companies Sell These Floor Plans?

Many different companies sell floor plans for log cabins. One example of such a company is the Appalachian Log and Timber Homes website. This comprehensive website provides tools and technical support, as well as practical floor plans for log cabins. There are literally thousands of floor plans at your disposal and you can even peruse many of the floor plans with the click of your mouse.

What Does a Floor Plan for a Log Cabin Cost?

As with other things, the price of a floor plan to build a log cabin will vary according to the plan’s availability. Sometimes, depending on the website you go to, the floor plan might be fully interactive and free to download. Other websites may require that you submit your email address and contact information prior to allowing you to download the actual floor plan.

These floor plans can be either basic or complex, but if nothing else, they are almost always scaled to perfection when referencing the square footage of log cabin so you can get a good idea of the size of the cabin you could build, as well as its layout. You may find the real price list will come into play when you decide to purchase the log home building plan.

If there is a fee for the download, you might want to see if it is due in part to the brand or product type you have selected. If you have chosen a CAD/PDF file that has been customized to the specific needs of your project, you will definitely have to pay a fee. For example if you decide to purchase a CAD/PDF file of the Aspen log cabin floor plan, then you will need to pay $175 in order to access the file. This fee is charged for the floor plan because it is customizable and capable of being used in CAD as well as viewed as a PDF. Check with the particular website for clarification.

The wonderful thing about a CAD file is that you can change the format or the designs at any time, so when you need to go in and make changes to your floor plan, you will be able to do so with ease.

All in all you will be able to find good things over the Internet when it comes to log cabin floor plans. The best part about doing the search is that it enables you to get a sneak peak at the floor plans prior to your purchase.