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Log Cabin Kit Homes

Log cabin kit homes are usually pre-manufactured construction kits that give you that “log-home” feel without building the home one log at a time. Other kits are comprehensive plans that include materials you need and building plans for the outside as well as the floor plans inside. These cabin kit homes are readily available, but it’s recommend you seek out a qualified builder or contractor to ensure it is constructed properly.

Why Use a Cabin Kit

Log Cabin Kit Homes

Since most log cabin kit homes use siding to give you that log look, building a log cabin home can run you anywhere from 20 to 50 percent less than a true log cabin. That’s why they are perfect for a vacation home or a country retreat; however, log cabin kit homes can also be used for your permanent home.

With real log cabins, it’s possible for the wood to shrink and split and leak sap on your floor, but with pre-treated log siding, this eliminates the issues caused by logs. One major benefit is that the materials used are easy to take care of, so there aren’t any worries about decay or fading over time.

What’s the Best Location?

Ask yourself why you’d like to build a log cabin kit home. If you want a vacation or getaway home, then popular spots are tourist areas or country spots. Some people enjoy having a second home somewhere, which could be in the country or even in the suburbs of a large city. Since the cabins are from kits and don’t require special wood treating or construction, you pretty much have the option to have a log cabin home anywhere you like.

Where to Find Log Cabin Kit Homes

Surprisingly, you’ll find many wholesalers of cabin kit homes that save you even more money than buying them pre-manufactured.

  • At Cabin, their Canadian mill sells directly to you, which saves you money. Watch out for shipping cost because, depending on how much you purchase, you will pay for one of the following shipping methods: semi-truck, delivery van, or other major carrier.
  • Merrimac Log Homes sells logs by themselves or complete log kits that include building plans and gives you the necessary dimensions to build the shell of a log cabin. They own the mill that processes the logs so you don’t pay any middleman: the logs are sold directly to you.
  • Panel Concepts uses a different technique to give you a log cabin by giving you a paneling method that doesn’t require any heavy equipment. Heavy duty screws are used for the four-foot paneling, which is easy-to-assemble. Panel Concepts offers cabins and cottages as well as smaller buildings and storage sheds. Make sure you check out their photo gallery.
  • Specializing in modular log cabins, Modular Log Cabin cut, manufacture, mill and dry the wood, then place it into a kit that you can build yourself or with a contractor. You have the option of just purchasing the logs for the exterior walls and the roof or buy an entire kit that includes screws and fasteners.

Final Notes

One of the most important things to remember is to obtain a building permit. This should be done before you purchase the kit and after you decide on the building plans you want to purchase. You don’t want to have the materials delivered, your contractor ready to build, and not have a building permit.

Make sure whatever cabin kit you go with follows the building codes of your state or area where you live. Most kit homes adhere to International building codes, but you may have special regulations in your area you must follow.

Purchasing a log cabin kit is an efficient and faster way to a home that gives you that log cabin feel. You just need to decorate it with a woodsy atmosphere and you’ll be living outdoors in no time!