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Log Cabin Mobile Homes

Log cabin mobile homes give you the feel of the North Country in an affordable way. With advances in technology and building materials, your mobile home will look more like a real log cabin. Whether you are looking to buy a mobile or upgrade the look of your existing one, you can easily enjoy the cabin ambience.

Log Cabin Mobile Homes

Log Cabin Mobile Homes

As the name implies, a log cabin mobile home is a variation of the home's exterior that makes it resemble a cabin. The look is achieved through the use of log siding. As a mobile home owner, you will find many advantages to adopting this look.

Benefits of the Log Cabin Look

The overall appearance of your mobile home will be vastly improved by giving your home character and a distinctive style. This can improve its value and marketability if you consider selling your home down the line. Depending upon the size of your lot, you can add additional elements such as a porch or deck.

The siding offers a low-maintenance option for upgrading your mobile home's exterior. The texture of the logs also will hide dirt and grime. Because the logs are thicker than the existing siding, they will improve the R-value of your installation, which is the measurement of how well your home is insulated. The greater the R-value, the less likely heat or cooled air will escape. As a mobile home owner, this can translate into significant savings on your home heating and cooling costs.

The insulating value will also improve the soundproof capability of your exterior. You will not hear the tinny sound of rain hitting your roof or the sides of your mobile home. In addition, the siding will stand up to the punishment of weather better, giving you the peace of mind of knowing you have protected your mobile home investment.

Log Cabin Options

Some mobile homes are already equipped with log siding or you can upgrade your existing home with siding. The price of your investment will vary depending upon the type of siding you choose.

Siding may come already stained or laminated. You can also opt to purchase unstained materials so you can best match the surrounding area or other outbuildings on your property. Some log siding may require a finish after installation. The manufacturer can provide you with the necessary maintenance schedule.

Another perk of log cabin mobile homes is that you can take the north woods look inside. The same siding you use on the exterior of your mobile home can be used inside to complete the cabin feel. In this way, you will double the insulating value of your home and save even more on energy costs.

You can stain your siding with a golden-colored stain and add a clear polyurethane finish to your log siding to create a warm, welcoming feeling in your home. It can also protect your siding from damage indoors.

Planning for Your Mobile Home Upgrade

If you choose to contract your upgrade, take the time to plan your budget and project needs. Some manufacturers offer consultation services to help you achieve the look you want at the price you can afford. You will also need to secure any necessary permits before beginning your upgrade.

Another consideration is the delivery of your building materials. Depending upon the size of your mobile home, the delivery of your log siding may pose some difficulties in transportation to your site. As you plan your log cabin mobile home, consider all costs that may be associated with your upgrade to cabin living. Don't neglect investigating the cost of shipment and delivery as these may contribute a significant portion to your overall costs.

Whether you buy new or side your mobile home with authentic log siding, you can enjoy the cabin experience without the added costs of constructing a new home. You will soon be basking in the feel of life at the cabin.