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Log Cabin Modular Homes

Log cabin modular homes are a unique way to build and customize your own home. Anyone interested in building has plenty of options to choose from and modular log cabin homes can be an excellent choice depending on your needs and desires. In order to decide if these are right for you, it’s important to know the basics.

What Are Log Cabin Modular Homes

Log Cabin Modular Homes

The idea of a modular home is not a new one; specifically, modular homes are those built off-location and delivered to their final site. Once delivered and installed, the homes typically require a small amount of finishing work, but in most cases they are largely completed and ready to go.

Modular homes built as log cabins are built from logs; they’re ideal for use as vacation homes as well as regular residences. Some people who live in rural areas love the look and design of a log cabin home; log cabins, after all, have been part of America’s frontier for generations and carry both a historical interest and craftsmanship aesthetic. The high quality and care that goes into building a log home generally means they come at a higher price than typical modular homes, but for the consumers who love the look and longevity of log cabins, they’re a fantastic way to get them at a lower cost than building onsite.

Major Advantages of Modular Builds

In a typical home construction situation, with a build being done by local contractors on the home site, a log cabin home could be a massive expense. The time it takes to create one, as well as the sheer amount of raw materials required, adds up quickly. In many cases, there are no local resources in the area to supply the materials required to build a log cabin, so materials must be shipped in at an even greater cost. Log cabins built elsewhere, on the other hand, can be done in areas with plenty of local resources on hand, thus cutting cost for the company as well as the home buyer.

Typically, log cabin modular homes come in a variety of styles and designs, so consumers can choose a pre-designed option or create a custom design of their own (at an extra cost, of course). Many companies that offer modular homes will work closely with the consumer and may provide the help of a designer to ensure the consumer gets the home they truly want.

You may wonder what the advantages are of building offsite, but there are actually a number of reasons why you might want to consider this option. First of all, log cabin modular homes are built at a cheaper cost than having construction done onsite, so you can get a better, higher quality home for less. You can also count on the turn-around time of the build going much faster, without dealing with the delays of contractors who cannot come on certain days or weather problems that might hold up an onsite build. Finally, many major (and expensive) hassles of home construction will be taken care of for you, such as home inspections and building to code. The company that does your build will make sure all of these requirements are met without you having to lift a finger.

Of course, you will be responsible for installing the home, purchasing the land, creating a foundation for installation, and ensuring all local ordinances are met on your property. You’ll also be responsible for various finishing touches depending on how complete the modular home is when it’s delivered to you. But in general, purchasing modular is a great way to get a custom build on a high quality log cabin home, or any other type of home you like, at a much smaller price than you’ve likely been quoted by local contractors.