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Modular Log Homes

Selecting and building one of the many available modular log homes is an affordable way to realize your dream of your own cabin in the woods. There are several advantages over standard constructed homes that may make them an attractive option when considering your project plan.

What Is a Modular Log Home?

Modular Log Homes

A modular log home differs from the log cabin kits of the past. Kits typically were sent to you as bundled construction materials, including lumber, trusses, hardware, and other supplies. A blueprint and instruction manual were included. It was then up to you to construct the home from the ground up, hiring contractors as needed.

With a modular log home, much of the construction is done at a factory indoors. The log home is constructed in a series of modules that are put together on-site. The amount of pre-construction varies with the company, the type of home you purchase, and the features that your home includes. Some log homes may ship with up to 90 percent of the construction completed.

Advantages of Modular Log Homes

Because entire sections of the log home are being constructed off-site, internal features such as electrical wiring, outlet receptacles, and plumbing lines are included in the construction of the home. You are not receiving log cabin shells typically, but rather complete modules.

For you, this means that your log home will be completed in a much shorter period of time. Many companies do the work indoors, so concerns over weather delays are virtually non-existent. Factory construction also allows modular log home companies to keep costs down, which will in turn save you money.

Modular log homes require some type of foundation. This being the case, you may find that financing is the same had you purchased a home built on site.

What Is Involved?

Chances are that your log home will be constructed far from your site, necessitating freight shipment. Some companies will require you to do part of the pre-construction tasks such as getting your foundation built, acquiring the necessary building permits, and securing your financing. These are all things you should take into account before deciding if a modular log home is right for you.

Other things you must investigate include any local regulations regarding construction of the site, impact on the environment, and other issues. For example, some areas may require you to build your home a certain distance from a lake shore. Other areas may not allow construction that impacts wetlands or other sensitive habitats.

Shipment of your home will require access by a semi-truck to your site for delivery. Your property should be able to accommodate this traffic. Depending upon the location of the factory and your building site, your shipping cost may be quite expensive. These are all matters that require investigation before committing to your purchase.

Log Home Packages

Many companies will offer a wide range of styles from which to choose. Some may also customize your home or build from your own plans. Most will have a standard package, including the basics for construction of your log home.

These features may include appliances, trim, and fixtures, with upgrade options available. Some companies may even offer furniture options to complete your log-cabin look inside. You may also add luxury items, such as a Jacuzzi, for your dream home.

Your log home may or may not include porches or decks. These additions require on-site construction rather than factory work. A general contractor would need to evaluate the location and specific geographical features in order to complete the work.

Ready to Buy?

Pre-planning is critical to the process. A consultant will go over your project and budget with you, detailing what is required on your end. Take advantage of the expertise of the company and ask questions. A home, of course, is a major purchase.

Whether you are going after the frontier look or creating your own cabin chalet, modular log homes offer a way for you to create the home of your dreams in a way quicker and less expensive than traditional construction.