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Portable Log Cabins

Portable log cabins are a type of mobile home that can be transported to any desired location where there is a need for temporary shelter. The cabins are typically single floor units, with or without lofts, mounted on a permanent trailer frame or can be loaded on and off or a flatbed trailer. These prefabricated buildings can be self-contained, similar to an RV.

Portable Log Cabins

Common Uses For Portable Cabins

Portable cabins are primarily used for recreation. These cabins are great for hunting and fishing trips. Unlike a traditional stationary cabin, hunters and fishermen can explore new areas in search of game and fish. Mobile log cabins can also be used for traditional camping in established campgrounds or off the beaten path, in more remote areas.

When not being used for recreation, a portable log cabin makes a great guest house. The cabins can be used as an art studio or as a portable office like the ones found on construction sites. These cabins can also be used commercially as rental units in resort areas.


Some cabins have a bathroom with a shower and a toilet system that can be hooked up to sewage facilities provided at campgrounds. Other cabins are equipped with chemical toilets that must be emptied at specially approved dumping sites like those used in fifth wheel trailers and recreational vehicles.

Portable cabins come in a variety of sizes and different floor plans. Some feature an optional front porch and loft area, which can be used as an additional storage space or sleeping space for a child. You can get a cabin with a small kitchenette equipped with a compact refrigerator, sink, stove and microwave oven. Other options include an air conditioner or wood burning stove.

Floors are built extra sturdy and can be reinforced with steel. The walls are often made from insulated panels that are lightweight yet energy efficient.

Where to Buy

There are many options when buying a portable log cabin, including rent-to-own financing options. Another advantage of portable cabins is that you can often put them on land where there are restrictions for building permanent structures. You should try to find a local company when looking for a portable log cabin manufacturer to save on delivery costs.

The Perfect Getaway

Most portable log cabin builders will let you customize your cabin as much as you want. Some builders furnish the cabin with appliances and bathroom facilities or give you the option to buy a basic model and do all the furnishing yourself. Portable log cabins make the perfect home away from home for a summer or weekend getaway. Best of all, instead of visiting the same vacation home year after year, your portable cabin allows you to get away from it all wherever you want.