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Small Cabin Floor Plans

Small cabin floor plans are good to build if you are looking for something for hunting or fishing or a tiny getaway that can accommodate you for a few days. Many small cabin plans aren't meant for long-term residence and are typically easier to maintain. So if you need to add-on to an existing log cabin or want a separate structure, then locating and purchasing small cabin floor plans couldn't be easier.

Small Cabin Floor Plans

What Constitutes a Small Cabin?

Most companies and web sites that sell small cabin floor plans usually keep the cabins at 1,000 square feet or less. Some architects or floor plan companies may go larger, opting for small rooms or adding another floor. Depending on the type of structure you are seeking, keeping the square footage less than 1,000 will ensure you stay with the spirit of a small cabin, especially if you want to build a small hunting or fishing cabin for yourself. A getaway cabin for a few people is perfect for the small cabin structures.

Where to Find Small Cabin Floor Plans

Browsing the Internet is probably one of the best ways to find premade cabin plans. If you want to create one from scratch, consider purchasing home design software or consulting an architect.

  • Conestoga Log Cabins specialize in cabins 2,000-square-feet or less, though they do have plans for larger wood structures. You can find a variety of houses cabins kits starting at around 14 feet by 20 feet. For those looking for camping, hunting, or vacation cabin kits that include one or two bedrooms, you'll find two different styles. Other small cabins include those called Gambrels. They have unique roofs, giving them a different look than traditional arched or angled roofs.
  • For small cabin plans that are easy to build and styles that have stood the test of time, visit Town and Country Plans. There are more than 10 designs you can choose from starting at 144-square-feet up to 720-square-feet. Clicking on any of the designs will get you an artist's sketch, a technical drawing, and a list of what appliances the cabin will support. Also, if any of the customers have used this plan, you'll be able to view pictures of the finished house or cabin. View the pictures carefully, because some have been modified or added to, which might give you more ideas.
  • At Cool House Plans, you'll need to refine your search to only include the size houses you want, otherwise you'll get houses all the way up to 9,999-square-feet! There are over 300 cabin plans to choose from and, while that may seem like a lot at first, they will quickly lessen when you pick your maximum size in the search box. You can narrow down your search even more by including how many bedrooms, bathrooms, and floors you want as well as a garage size (if you want one), plan type (vacation, residence, etc.), and the type of exterior wall you wish to build with.
  • Go to Jshow for a number of small cabins and a step-by-step guide on how to build a small home. The site includes all kinds of pictures to guide you, including foundation work, walls, setting the floor joints, working the roof, and more. This company is more hands on than most and will work with you to find the best plan and help you create a materials list if you need one. They also have a kit to turn your small cabin into a solar-powered building.

Plan Smart

No matter if you are building a small or large home or a cabin, make sure you plan smart and plan ahead. If you've never built a cabin or home before, seek out help so you don't learn the hard way, which will probably end up costing you in the long run.