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How Much Is a 1909 Golden Half Dollar Worth

How much is a 1909 golden half dollar worth? This is a question asked by many, since one of the most popular items to collect is coins. Many coin collectors have hopes that one day their collection will be worth great value. If you have a 1909 golden half dollar in your collection, read on to find out how much is a 1909 golden half dollar worth.

1909 Coins

During the time period of 1909, Gold Eagle Coins were minted in the United States. The value of these coins was ten dollars. Back then, people preferred coins to the paper bills that are preferred in current society. This was the highest minted coin value for this time period. In 1909, therefore, the half dollar would have been considered the 1909 Half Eagle that was worth five dollars. Like their ten dollar counterparts, the five dollar Half Eagles are an extreme rare find.

The 1909 Gold Half Eagle

To understand how much is a 1909 golden half dollar worth, it is important to understand all of its features. The 1909 Gold Half Eagle has some unique characteristics that make it extremely different from other previously minted coins and any coins that have been minted since this time. On one side of the coin there is a picture of an Indian in full head dress. The picture represents the Native American warriors of the time. On the reverse side of the coin there is a picture of an American Eagle.

The main characteristic that makes this coin stand out from other coins is the way in which it was minted. Rather than the designs being raised off of the coin, the images are actually engraved into the coin itself. This is known as an incuse, or sunken in, design. There are not many coins that have been minted in the United States that have this unique characteristic. The Gold Half Eagle was minted for eight years, from 1908 through 1916. Minting stopped in 1916, but the Half Eagle was produced only one more time in 1929.

How Much is a 1909 Golden Half Dollar Worth?

A coin’s value is determined by a number of different factors. One of these factors is the condition of the coin. The longer that the coin has remained in circulation, generally the lower its value due to obvious damage that is done to the coin in passing from person to person. As such, hose coins that are worth the most are generally the coins that have been uncirculated.

The value is typically determined on a scale of 1 to 70 by trusted appraisers. The higher the rating that the coin is assigned, the better the condition of the coin and the more valuable a particular coin is. A highly graded 1909 Gold Half Eagle can sell for approximately $825.00. Generally, no matter what the condition, the coin sells for what it is worth in its weight in gold. However, as avid collectors can tell you, if you are planning to sell your coins for any reason, you should have it appraised first by someone you truly trust in order not to be swindled on the true value of the coin.

Where Can You Find A 1909 Gold Half Eagle?

Like its ten dollar counterpart, the 1909 Gold Half Eagle is difficult to come by. However, you are more likely to find one of these then to find a Gold Eagle. The rarity of these coins is because of the valuable gold they were made from.

During the Napoleonic Era, these coins were melted. The gold was then transferred overseas and sold to those who wanted to buy it in order for the seller to make a profit. Most of the gold from these coins was shipped overseas to Europe.

A quick Internet search will reveal a number of sites where these 1909 Gold Half Eagles can be found for sale. However, their worth is projected to go up and, therefore, the prices for one of these coins will not be cheap. For instance, the Internet site for the Littleton Coin Company certified choice uncirculated models of this coin for sale for $2,450.00 and certified very choice uncirculated models of this coin for sale for $$4,150.00.