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U.S. coin: the Bar Cent - USA Copper, philadelphia mint

This coin, presumed to have belonged to the same issue as the Nova Constellatio Coppers, was probably made in Birmingham, England, by Thomas Wyon, for circulation in America.

Rare early coins of the U.S. mint

The "U S A" Copper was first passed as money in the City of New York, in November, 1785. The device was taken from an old Continental button, to which fact and the light weight of the piece, has been attributed the disfavor shown the coinage and the limited circulation given the same.

Obverse: Large Roman "U S A" in a monogram, on a plain field.

Reverse: Thirteen horizontal bars. Border, serrated; Edgeplain; size, 15 1/2; weight, 85 grains. Two pairs of dies.