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Are you wondering, what is the current Buffalo nickel value? Perhaps you are wondering because you are the owner of these collectors’ items and would like to understand how much your own coin collection is worth. Before going to an appraiser to have your coin’s value professionally assessed, make sure you know a little bit about Buffalo nickels and what the range of value of Buffalo nickels is today.

What Does the Buffalo Nickel Look Like?

Buffalo Nickel Value

All Buffalo nickels have the same basic design. On the front of a Buffalo Nickel is the profile of a Native American looking towards the right. On the back of the coin is a buffalo looking to the left.

In addition to this basic design, special batches of coins from certain years have little imperfections and flaws that make them extremely rare – and thus more valuable.

However, these two main features (namely, the patterning on the front and back of the coin) are what make it easy to identify this coin.

Value of a Buffalo Nickel

The Buffalo nickel value is not fixed. It is dependent on the individual nickel’s production year and condition. Generally, you can expect that your coin will be worth more if, it is in better quality or if it comes from a certain batch with a defect, a quirk, or a special metal blend.

As of 2010 assessments, a buffalo nickel from 1929, for example, is only worth $0.35 USD, whereas a 1926 coin can earn you between $4 and $11 USD. These numbers are just at the low end of the scale: different variations of the coin released in 1913 can earn you between $4.50 and a whopping $120 USD.

The most valuable buffalo coins include the “three legged buffalo” coin, on which the buffalo on the back of the coin appears to only have three legs. Another extremely valuable coin is 1918 coin, which is worth $550 USD as of 2010. One of the batches of coins from 1937 is worth $180 USD today.

Perhaps the most intriguing coin is the incredibly rare 1916 coin with a clear double date stamp, worth $1,200 USD.

Although these coins could have potentially huge payouts, unfortunately most buffalo nickels are only worth between $0.50 and $20 USD. Still, taking into account that this is tens and hundreds of times the original value of the coin, it might be worth it to have your coin professionally appraised to see what its value might be.

Condition of the Coin

Just because the value of a coin is somewhat standard does not mean that a date is all that determines the value of a coin. To put it simply, the condition of the coin is the biggest determinant of its value.

For example, a coin’s value can increase by tens of thousands of dollars if the condition of the coin is extremely good. Often, these coins are found abandoned in a jar, out of circulation for decades. This way, the coin does not age, and the unique features of the coin are visible and clear.

Assessing the Value of Your Coins

Now that you know a little bit more about Buffalo coins, you will be able to speak about your coins effectively when you visit an appraiser. For more information about Buffalo nickels, contact the United States Mint or visit their website. For more information about the Buffalo nickel value, especially with regards to your own coin collection, seek the advice and help of a licensed coin appraiser, who will be able to give you an exact value of your coin(s) with regards to its age and condition.