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Pictures and history of one cent coin - the Cent(Copper)n

Authorized to be coined, Act of April 22, 1792. Weight, 264 grains. Weight changed, Act of January 14, 1793, to 208 grains. Weight changed by proclamation of the President, January 26, 1796, in conformity with an Act of March 3, 1795, to 168 grains. Coinage discontinued, Act of February 21, 1857.

Rare early coins of the U.S. mint

1793. No. 1. Obverse: Liberty head, facing right, flowing hair. Above, "LIBERTY": beneath, "1793."

Reverse: A chain of fifteen links, within which is inscribed "ONE CENT" and the fraction " 1/100." United States of America; reeded edge; size, 17.

No. 2. Same, with the abbreviation "AMERI." in the Legend.

No. 3. Obverse: Same as No. 1, with a sprig beneath.

Reverse: "ONE CENT" within a wreath of laurel. "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Reeded edge.

No. 4. Obverse: A bust of Liberty, facing right, with pole and liberty cap. Above, "LIBERTY"; beneath, "1793."

Reverse: Same as No. 3; on the edge, "ONE HUNDRED FOR A DOLLAR." Size, 18.

1794 and 1795. Same as No. 4 of 1793.

1796. No.1. Same. No.2. Same, with hair bound by a ribbon, and without pole and liberty cap on the obverse. Plain edge.

1797 to 1807 inclusive. Same as No. 2 of 1796.

1808 to 1814, inclusive. Obverse: Liberty head, facing left, hair confined by a band, inscribed "LIRERTY" Thirteen stars and date.

Reverse: "ONE CENT," within a laurel wreath. "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA." The fraction "1/100" is omitted.

1815. None issued.