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Fugios or Franklin Cents, US coinage Philadelphia Mint

The Fugios or Franklin Cents are the earliest coins issued by authority of the United States. They being all dated 1787, and made in conformity with resolution of Congress, dated July 6, 1787:

Rare early coins of the U.S. mint

"Resolved, That the Board of Treasury direct the contractor for the copper coinage to stamp on one side of each piece the following devices, viz.: Thirteen circles linked together, a small circle in the middle, with the words 'UNITED STATES' round it, and in the centre the words, 'WE ARE ONE'; on the other side of the same piece the following device, viz.: a dial with the hours expressed on the face of it; a meridian sun above, on one side of which is to be the word 'FUGIO,' and on the other year in figures '1787'; below the dial the words 'MIND YOUR BUSINESS.'"