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Gold Buffalo Coins

Gold buffalo coins are a favorite of coin collectors. People throughout the United States collect a number of different items in hopes that their collections can be sold for value one day.

Gold Buffalo Coins

Coin collectors search high and low for all types of coins, but it is the rarest coins that will bring the most value to their collections. However, common coins and new coins are also collected and kept in the hopes that at some point in the future they will be worth more than they are when they purchase them. This is especially true for modern minted coins like state quarters or Gold Buffalo Coins.

What are Gold Buffalo Coins?

Gold Buffalo coins are the newest minted United States gold coin as part of the American Eagle Bullion Coin Program. This coin began being minted in the year 2006.

It is a gold bullion coin minted out of 24 karat gold. The coin earned its name because of the designs depicted on one side of the coin. The design of the coin features the design of the buffalo nickel, which was minted between 1913 through 1938 by James Earle Fraser. The heads side of the coin features the profile of what is said to be one of three Native American Indians who posed for the engraving. The reverse side of the coin is an engraving of a buffalo named Black Diamond who was housed at the Central Park Zoo.

The Gold Buffalo was minted in order to compete with the Gold Maple Leaf coin in Canada and the Chinese Gold Panda coin in China. It was the first gold coin minted in the United States made of nearly pure 24 karat gold.

These coins were first made available to the public on June 20, 2006. They are solely available through purchasers affiliated with the United States Mint. The coins are then resold to other dealers and the public. The coins are printed using a specialized process, which gives them a high glossy finish. The raised parts of the coin appear to be frosted in appearance. The Gold Buffalo has been printed continuously over the years since 2006 and it is still minted today.

What is The Coin Worth?

The coin is currently not worth much since it was just minted. Coins need some time to realize their own value. This, unfortunately, means that it takes some time in order for collectors to know their true worth. As of 2010, however, the coin would solely be worth its weight in the gold that is used to produce it.

Composition of the Coin

The Gold Buffalo is made from .9999 24 karat fine gold. The purity of the gold in every single one of these coins is guaranteed by the United States government. The gold to mint these coins come from newly mined materials that are mined in domestic mines across the United States. The approximate weight of a one ounce Gold Buffalo is approximately 1.0001 ounce. The diameter of these coins is approximately 32.70 millimeters and the thickness is approximately 2.95 millimeters. For the proof coins, which are the coins worth most to collectors, there is a W insignia printed on the obverse side. The W insignia represents that the Gold Buffalo was minted at the United States mint in West Point. Bullion coins that are not proofs do not have this special marking.

Where Can You Find The Coins?

If you are a coin collector and would like to find the coins, you can locate them through a number of sellers. These coins may also be sold via television advertisements and special mail order companies. They can also be purchased in person at certain shops across the United States. One of these shops is Blanchard and Company, Inc. This company specializes in selling all types of gold bullion.