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Immune Columbia, nova constellatio: ancient US coin

Obverse: An eye, on a small, plain, circular field; from the outside of the field radiates a glory of thirteen blunt points, crossing, equidistant, the spaces between as many stars in a circular constellation. Legend: "NOVA CONSTELLATIO." Border, serrated.

Rare early coins of the U.S. mint

Reverse: The Goddess of Liberty, seated upon a paneled cubic pedestal, facing right; her left hand is well extended and balances the scales of justice. A short liberty staff, crowned with a cap and bearing a flag, rests against her right shoulder, and is supported by the right hand. Legend: "IMMUNE COLUMBIA." Exergue: the date 1785. Border, serrated; edge, plain or milled; size, 17; weight, gold, 128.8 grains; silver, 92 grains; copper 148 grains.