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Liber Natus Libertatem Defendo


Reverse: Arms of the State of New York. Upon an oval shield at the center is shown the sun rising from behind a range of hills, the sea in the foreground; left of the shield, Justice, with sword and scales; right, Liberty, with staff and cap. Upon a hemisphere, above the shield, stands an eagle, wings outspread, facing right. Exergue: 1787; beneath this, next the border, "EXCELSIOR." Border, serrated; edge, plain; size, 17, weight, 157 grains.

Rare early coins of the U.S. mint


Obverse: An Indian, standing, crowned with feathers, and facing left; in his right hand he wields a tomahawk, his left supports a bow, the end of which rests on the ground near his feet; over his right shoulder appears the top of a quiver of arrows, which is borne upon his back. Legend: "LIBER NATUS LIBERATEM DEFENDO." Rare early coins of the U.S. mint Reverse: A hemisphere of the globe, marked by longitudinal and meridianal lines; upon this stands a large heavy-bodied eagle, wings spread, somewhat drooping, beak toward the right. Legend: "NEO-EBORACUS 1787 EXCELSIOR." Border, serrated; edge, plain; size, 17; weight, 153 grains.