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Rare US Coins: Non Dependens Status

Obverse: A full bust, facing right; flowing hair to the shoulders. Upon the drapery of the bust a small oval shield as an epaulet, emblazoned with a staff bearing a flag; across the staff, saltierwise, rests a naked sword.

Rare early coins of the U.S. mint

In each angle of this device is displayed a fleur de lis. Upon the breast of the bust is a head with spreading wings. Legend: "NON-DEPENDENS STATUS."

Reverse: An Indian, seated upon a globe, facing left; nude, except a cap or bandeau upon his head, and a feather tunic around the lower part of the body. In his extended right hand he holds a bunch of tobacco; the left reaches behind him and rests upon a shield, bearing the same emblems displayed upon the epaulets upon the bust on the obverse. Legend: "AMERICA," divided by the figure of the Indian. Exergue: 1778. Border, plain; edge plain; edge plain; size, 19.