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Rare coins: the Three Cent Piece

Authorized to be coined, Act of March 3, 1851. Weight, 12 3/8 grains; fineness, 750. Weight changed, Act of March 3, 1853, to 11.52 grains. Fineness changed, Act of March 3, 1853, to 900. Coinage discontinued, Act of February 12, 1873.

1851 to 1853, inclusive. Obverse: A star bearing the United States shield. "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA."
Reverse: An ornamented "c," within which is the denomination "III;" around the border, thirteen stars; size, 9.
1854 to 1858. Obverse: Same, with two lines around the star.
Reverse: An olive branch above the "III," and three arrows below, all within the "c."
1858 to 1873, inclusive. Same, with one line around the star.