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Coin Collecting: The Trade Dollar

This coin bears on the obverse a female figure seated on bales of merchandise, holding in her left hand a scroll on which is the world "liberty."

At her back is a sheaf of wheat; this and the bales of goods indicate the commercial character of the coin. Her right hand, extended, offers the olive branch. On a scroll beneath the figure are the words "In God we trust" and the date below, "1878." The reverse has a circling inscription, "United States of America, Trade Dollar." In the center is an eagle, in his claws three arrows and a sprig of olive. On a label above are the words "E Pluribus Unum," Below, "420 grains fine," very beautiful in design.

Authorized to be coined, Act of February 12, 1873. Weight, 420 grains; fineness, 900.

1873. Obverse: Liberty seated upon a cotton bale, facing left; in her extended right hand an olive branch; in her left a scroll incribed "LIBERTY;" behind her a sheaf of wheat; beneath, a scroll inscribed "IN GOD WE TRUST;" thirteen stars; "1873."

Reverse: An eagle with expanded wings; in talons three arrows and an olive branch; above, a scroll inscribed "E PLURIBUS UNUM;" beneath, on field, "420 grains;" "900 fine." "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Size, 24.