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Washington Naked Bust Cent, a president coin from 1792

Obverse: A classical bust of Washington, undraped, facing right; the head is encircled by a fillet, confining the hair, which is cut short and is curly; the fillet is tied at the back of the head by a bow knot with long pendent ends. Legend: "WASHINGTON PRESIDENT 1792."

Rare early coins of the U.S. mint

Reverse: A small eagle, displayed, wings upraised; on his breast a shield argent, six pales gules; right talon, an olive branch, fourteen leaves, six berries; left talon, thirteen arrows; about the head of the eagle are six mullets, and above is the word "CENT." Border, milled; edge, plain, or inscribed: "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA." Size, 19; weight, 198 grains. Some six or eight specimens only are known.