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Fun Bible Facts

Bible fun facts are a great way for the young and old alike to delve deeper into the story and lessons of the holy book. These surprising facts make great tools for teachers and parents trying to get their kids more interested in reading the Bible but are entertaining for everyone.

Fun Bible Facts

Bible Basics

Just how much do you know about the basics of the Bible? These facts might just surprise you:

  • The word “Bible” is derived from the Greek work “bibla,” which translates to “books.” The term is accurate. Although the Bible is presented as a single text, it is actually a collection of 66 different books.
  • Are you interested in reading the Bible aloud? Hope you have some time on your hands! It would take you approximately 70 hours to get through the 773, 692 words in the book.
  • The Bible took a long time to finish. According to What Saith The Scripture, the Bible was compiled over a course of 1600 years. Scripture was compiled beginning in 1500 B.C with the final pieces being added by approximately 100 A.D.
  • The Bible has been published in over 6,000 languages. The original language of the Old Testament was Hebrew. The New Testament was originally written in Greek.
  • Obadiah is the shortest book in the Old Testament, with 21 verses. John 2 is the shortest book in the New Testament. It has 13 verses.
  • Acts is the longest book in the New Testament. It has 28 chapters.
  • There are 1189 chapters in the Bible.

Bible Fun Facts - People of The Bible

The Bible is chockfull of fascinating people. How well do you know them? Check out these Bible fun facts for a look into their lives.

  • King Solomon was definitely a busy man. According to Bible accounts, he played host to 700 wives and over 300 concubines.
  • Large and powerful people and corporations are often referred to as Goliath, and for good reason. In the Bible, Goliath stands at nine and a half feet tall.
  • There are some remarkable stories of life and death in the Bible. Methuselah lived to be 969. He is said to have died seven days before the great flood. It is further said that God delayed the flood to allow for seven days of mourning. Enoch, Methuselah’s father, and Elijah are said to have never died at all. They are believed to have ascended to heaven while alive.
  • Gideon fought off 135,000 Midianites invaders with only an army of 300 men and 300 trumpets.
  • In his book, Isaiah offered the most accurate predications about Jesus. He made 20 predictions, and they all turned out to be true.
  • Samson is the strongest man in the Bible, while King Solomon is said to the wisest.

The Bible and Numbers

Many number patterns in the Bible are significant. Check out the following facts:

  • Be Not Afraid is a well-known Christian hymn inspired by an oft repeated phrase in the Bible.

    Did You Know?

    The Bible mentions 12 tribes of Israel. There were also 12 apostles.

    “Do not be afraid” is repeated 365 times in the Bible – the same number of days in a year.
  • The number seven has particular significance in the Bible and is usually used a symbol of completion. This is the source of the idea that seven is a “lucky” number.
  • The number 40 is also symbolic in the Bible. Forty is normally associated with the dawn of a new era. Jesus fasted for 40 days in the desert, it rained for 40 days in the great flood, spies were in Canaan for 40 days and Nineveh was warned by Jonah for 40 days.

Random Bible Facts

  • The first animal to get off Noah’s ark after the flood was the raven.
  • The first book of the Bible features a serpent tempting Eve. The last book of Bible refers to the serpent as Satan.
  • There are records of Chinese astronomers seeing what Matthew refers to in the Bible as the Star of Bethlehem.

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