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Fun Facts About Abraham Lincoln

Most people know that Abraham Lincoln was the 16th President and that he issued Emancipation Proclamation to free the slaves during the Civil War, but did you know all of these fun facts about Abraham Lincoln?

Of all of the presidents, Abraham Lincoln may be the most interesting. He left an extensive trail of speeches, letters, and other writings that provide exciting clues into his past.

Fun Facts About Abraham Lincoln
  • Lincoln was the tallest President. At six feet, four inches, Lincoln towered over most of his contemporaries. The average height for a man during that time was about five feet, six inches. When seated, the President was about the same height as an average man; he had exceptionally long legs.
  • Before Abraham Lincoln, there had never been a U.S. President with a beard. Since his presidency, four presidents have had full beards.
  • At the time of his marriage to Mary Todd Lincoln, Abraham Lincoln had been very poor. Lincoln courted Mary Todd for only one year before proposing marriage. Mary Todd Lincoln's family did not approve of the match.
  • Lincoln was born in Indiana but began his political career in Illinois. The Lincoln Presidential Library is located in Springfield, Illinois.
  • The16th President hated to go to the dentist. There was little anesthesia at the time, and one dentist has actually broken off part of Lincoln's jaw when pulling a tooth.
  • After his birth mother died of milk sickness, Lincoln's father remarried. As a boy, Lincoln was very close to his step-mother, and she was supportive of his need to educate himself.
  • Lincoln loved animals and did not like hunting or killing them even for food. He had several pets including dogs, cats, and even a turkey.
  • Most people think of Abraham Lincoln wearing a tall stovepipe hat. He used to store things in his hat, including letters and other documents.
  • Mary Todd and Abraham Lincoln had four children. Three of their children died before reaching adulthood. Robert Lincoln was the only child to survive. Abraham Lincoln has no living descendants.
  • Did You Know?

    Lincoln suffered from serious depression and migraine headaches.

    Both could be debilitating, and there were times he spent days in bed.

  • Our 16th President considered himself a Christian, but he did not belong to any church. He did not routinely say grace at mealtime, but he did read the Bible. Despite not belonging to an established church, many consider Lincoln to have been a spiritual man.
  • Abraham Lincoln was a witty man. Many of his jokes and funny sayings have been recorded, including this one: "If I were two-faced, would I be wearing this one?"
  • Abraham Lincoln was the first president to be assassinated. He was killed on April 15, 1865 by John Wilkes Booth. At the time of his death, Lincoln was 56 years old.
  • One little-known fun fact about Abraham Lincoln is that he had a dream predicting his own death. In his dream, he heard crying in the White House. When he asked the person who had died, he was told that it was the President.

One of the most fascinating and well-known presidents, Abraham Lincoln is a mystery in many ways. He was a renowned jokester, despite suffering from major depression. He could wield an axe and wrestle, yet he was suffering from ill health at the time of his death. There are many contradictions surrounding the life and death of this amazing man.

If you've enjoyed these fun facts about Abraham Lincoln and want to learn more about the 16th President, check out the wealth of information available at the Abraham Lincoln Library. You can read quotes, learn more interesting facts, and find out more about his assassination.